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What is The Best Business for Beginners in Malaysia?

One of the questions that I get is what is the best business for beginners in Malaysia (2021). 

2020 has totally changed so if you want to start a business in 2021 or now then these are my top three businesses that I would start. You can choose one of them to kickstart. If you want to know what these three businesses are, watch this video till the end.

I’ve been doing my own business for the last 21 years and 2020 is a real market changer and it totally changes how I would run my business.

If you really want to start your business and you have low capital, these are my list of three businesses I would start now. All these three businesses you can start with a very low capital (less than 4 to 5k ringgit or USD1K).

Best Business for Beginners in Malaysia #1: E-commerce Business (Selling Physical Products Online)

The first one which is my favorite and is the easiest to start with is to sell physical products online which is the e-commerce business. I promote e-commerce business because e-commerce business is only like

a replacement to the traditional brick and mortar business. When I say replacement, I mean people instead of buying offline from your shop, they now buy from you online.

With today’s Covid’s situation more people and more people are going online to buy all types of products that they need so that’s why ecommerce is growing like crazy in almost all major parts of the world.

If you want to start something that is easy to start then selling physical products online which is e-commerce will be a great option.

Best Business for Beginners in Malaysia #2: Online Training or Coaching Business

My second choice is an online training, coaching and consulting business. If you have skills knowledge or experience that you think you can help others with, And it doesn’t have to be a business related it can be like for example teaching children how to draw online, teaching maths or tuition online. These are all considered online training.

Besides training you can conduct a one-to-one coaching or small group coaching session for young children or anyone as long as you have the right skills. 

You can also teach people how to exercise. Today there are businesses like Peloton and also other virtual fitness trainers going online to teach people and these are the things that you can do. The beauty is that if you are a virtual fitness trainer you can actually get clients from all over the world and all them can just gather in front of their computer and start exercise with you and then you can coach or correct them.

With the technology today, you can start your own training, coaching or consulting business easily from your home at a super low start-up capital and target a worldwide market. How great is that, right?

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Best Business for Beginners in Malaysia #3: Freelance Service Provide or Side-Hustle

My third favorite business for beginners in Malaysia will be a freelance service provider. You can provide your service to other people or businesses.

Let’s say, if you know how to do social media marketing you can help small businesses to promote their business using social media. If you know how to create a website then you can create websites for all these small businesses.

Furthermore, it doesn’t mean you have to be IT related. It can be managing other business accounts, if you are good in accounting. You can help businesses or entrepreneurs to do their bookkeeping and so on.

There are a lot of things that you can do. It depends on what skills you have. As long as you have skills that you think you can help other people or other businesses then this type of freelance service business is for you.

It is super easy to start. All you need to start is to have your own website to describe what are your services and how do you work with your clients as well as some samples of your work or testimonials. Then you can use social media to promote your freelance business to your potential customers.

Simple, right? In fact you can start this freelancing business immediately.


There are many types of businesses you can start today and not limit to these 3 but these are the 3 I can start almost immediately and get clients within 1 week or less. So if capital is a constraint right now, start something first even though it may not be your Dream business but at least it brings you cashflow that you can save up to build your Dream Business in the near future.

Leave a comment and let me know what is your favorite business for beginners in Malaysia ya. I wish you all the best in starting your new business. 😃


I hope I give you a better picture of what you’re gonna do for your e-commerce startup. Just like what I mentioned early on, we’re going to give you a special bonus. Just go to and download the e-commerce cheatsheet that I prepared for you called How to Start Your Ecommerce Business Cheatsheet.

This cheatsheet will save you a lot of time to skip all the expensive trial and errors and effort wasted to go and test because we have tested it for our e-commerce business. All you need to do is just follow the steps and then take those steps. With that, you can start your e-commerce business right away.

During these times e-commerce actually grows like crazy so you want to capitalize on the trend right now and start your e-commerce business.

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