Want to become a Professional & Profitable Consultant?

This 10-point checklist is created based on my past 20 years experience running a consulting business in over 30 countries. This is developed to give you a step by step process so that you can prepare yourself in your start-up journey to becoming a high income consultant.

Consultant startup Checklist

I wish I have this checklist when I first start-up my consulting business in 2000...

I started my own business consulting company in 2000. I thought I have the experience and expertise then I can be successful in my consulting business.

And You Know What? I WAS DEAD WRONG.

And when I realize that I was a couple years into my consulting business but I determine to make it a success and I decided to seek mentors to learn from them. That’s the best decision I have made. From then on, I started to grow my business to outside Malaysia

Today the market has changed and I have changed my marketing strategies almost every few years to suit the current market requirements. So, this 10-point checklist is based on my past experience both success and failures and apply in today’s business environment. 

This is exactly the Consulting Business Start-up Checklist I would personally use if I were to start my own consulting business now. Download it now and I hope it will help you kickstart your successful consulting business journey.

Andrew Cheah


ready to start?

Use this checklist & get yourself ready for your journey to own your profitable consulting business.

Start-up doesn't have to be difficult if you get the RIGHT coaching & guidance. I believe if you can model after someone who has successfully done it, you will save easily 80% of your time & money figuring it out yourself.
Andrew Cheah Consultant Malaysia
Andrew Cheah
CEO, Synerflex Consulting
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