Content Marketing Strategy and Examples for Malaysia Small Business



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Have you wonder what kind of content that you want to post in your social media now if you have this question in your mind then this video is for you. 

Hi i’m andrew and i’ve been doing digital marketing for more than 10 years to do a good content marketing it’s not easy but this is something that we need to do even i’ve been doing this for more than last 10 years and i’m still learning it because all this content marketing you need to keep improving and because of the platform changes and the people preference changes.

Maybe in the old days people like to read now they like to watch videos so we have to continue to upgrade or improve our content marketing now today in this short video I’m going to show you five simple steps for you to kick start your content marketing if you’re not doing that yet I’m going to share to you five content marketing strategy and examples that you can start kick off your content marketing.

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#1 Product / Services

Content marketing strategy and examples number one you need to know are your products and services now if you have only one product or one service hat’s simple but if you have a lot of products then you might want to find a one category or one particular product so that when you plan this in your mind then your content marketing strategy is clearer.

If you have all sorts of products that you sell everything then your content marketing is very tough because there’s so many things. It’s too general if you have one particular focus area then it’s easier for you. 

For example if you sell sportswear or accessories then it’s very clear, rather than you sell everything it means that you sell groceries, food, clothings, toys and electrical goods so all this will be tough. 

If you do sell all these things then find one category and start focusing on building your content marketing based on this particular category. For example, sportswear and create your content marketing strategy.


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#2 Target Audience

Content marketing strategy and examples number two is to identify who your target audience is and now you know what kind of products or services that you want to promote. The next thing is who are the target audiences. For example if we are selling sports wears or accessories our target audience can be anyone but I want you to pick one particular target audience niche down. 

Let’s say for example we want to only sell to ladies right active ladies means that ladies who loves exercise or go out things hiking, so these are active ladies maybe age between 25 to 40 years old so when we sell our spots where we have this customer persona in mind it’s easier and clearer even for us to source for new products or create new products for them it’s easier. 

So when you want to create content for this particular group of people then it’s easier so when we create content we must have in mind this group of people so that we can create something that suits their taste so once we know who our target audience is.

#3 Social Media Platform

Content marketing strategy and examples number three is to identify which social media platform that you want to promote in now you can prosper in all but i want you to focus on one major right let’s say for example you want to create content for ladies for your sportswear age 25 to 40 years old now these people may most probably in Instagram. 

So you want to use Instagram as your major platform so you create content for Instagram but of course you can share it to Facebook and anywhere else so now you want to decide which platform you want to go to now I have a video specifically talk about that which platform is better for you so if you’re not watch that you can watch this video right over here all.

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#4 Content planning

Content marketing strategy and examples number four will be the most important to plan out your content strategy so let me take you to my computer screen and I will show you how to organize in a simple way that you can take action immediately all right now. Let’s look at content planning so first thing is of course like what we mentioned just now who your target audience are active women between 25 years to 40 years old and the products that will promote. 

Content marketing strategy and examples

Let’s say sportswear and accessories so now first thing we want to ask the question is that what are the topics right or hot topics that this group of people active women between 25 to 40 years old would like so most probably those who love like sportswear they will most probably love exercise right so and these are active people so they like exercise. 

Besides exercise what else maybe eat healthy okay so eat healthy is one of them and then what else right they like to exercise maybe some sports so-called yeah fashion so don’t worry about my ugly writing okay so this is a sports fashion so you list down three to maybe five topics that this group people would like exercise eat healthy sports fashion maybe some wellness program. 

Once you lease down these hot topics the next thing is to think about what are the types all contents that we can create, the simple one is of course the “How to’s“, so these are like how to how to exercise when they’re so busy or how to eat healthy and even how to choose a sports fashion or how to choose the right sportswear for your yoga exercise or for zumba so these are the “How to’s”. 

The next one is the simple one, which is information. You see, information can be like related to exercise is like what is zumba exercise just as simple as that, so for people who haven’t heard about zumba they may like your content you see so these are simple information or news so now i’m giving you a few different types of course usually in my training there’ll be a comprehensive like more than 10 types that you can choose. 

But for beginners this is something that you can start off with, then things like for example mistakes so what kind of mistakes that you should avoid during your yoga exercise or what kind of mistakes you should avoid while eating to get sleep or something like the mistakes that most people do when selecting the apparel for exercise or sports wear something like that. 

These are the mistakes okay so people love to know that what kind of mistakes that most people are doing so that they can avoid that and finally some stories so all people love stories so you can talk about stories uh how this person will exercise and what kind of help later on so you got before and after story and so on so these are like four different types which is enough for you as beginners to kick start. 

So what you want is to list down what are the topics related to how list topic one two topic three topic it’s totally up to you listen down right information and this topic so once you have that let’s say for example you got one two three four and here four if you have one topic each now you already have 16 topics so 16 topics. 

Meaning that if you publish two contents a week it means that here you get the content for two months because there are 16 contents now if you have like two each in this then you have like 32 you see this is how you want to plan it okay so by just filling here you already have like two months worth of content of course if you publish four contents per week then this will be like one month content it all depends on the resources. 

It means that the timing and the people how to create the content so you have a lot of time then you can create as many as you can especially for the platform you’re using instagram or Tik Tok, they would love to have you post more, the more you post the better it is but for me, i usually post one or twice a week which is good enough for a small business. 

So now you can get a clear view on your content planning, start taking actions right i know it’s a simple one then later on you can subscribe to my training for more comprehensive content planning so start with a simple one then upgrade yourself.

#5 Content Type

Content marketing strategy and examples number five is that you need to decide what kind of content types so content types are live photos if you use instagram you can see there’s a lot of photos can be infographics there’s a quotes photos there’s so many different types of photos so you look at your competitors and see what kind of photos they post and which one get the most response then you might want to try on that. 

Second is article article like blog post it depends on who are your target audience if your target audience likes to read then and articles will be something good the next thing is audio or podcast now audio and  podcasts are getting more popular especially when people are working, they like to play on radio and just listen to it or when they are commuting over on the train or the car they can listen it so podcast is also getting more popular. 

Finally the videos okay now this is one of my preference because to me i can do video easily all you need is just a simple laptop computer you have your webcam if you want a better resolution videos then get a good webcam and then you can already start recording it today there’s so many software in the market there are free ones right paid one that you can use to record your videos. 

For me I prefer videos because I can speak faster than i can type if I type because I’m slow in typing so a lot of time by the time I type I lost my ideas so I prefer to speak in front of a camera and then later on I can convert that into audio right which is you can subscribe to my podcast you want to listen it in an audio form and then I can also convert into a blog post through articles so that is why my preference is in video. 

It all depends who are your target audience so you must choose the types of content that your target audience like to consume if you prefer beautiful photos and so on do more photos now a lot of time initially you do not know what kind of format they prefer so my advice is that try all these four and see which one they prefer more so once you know about that then you create more of that particular types of content. 

I hope these five content marketing strategy and examples will help you to create your marketing strategies and remember the examples that i talk to you like the sportswear and so on so don’t just copy you must know your own product or your services if you have saloon then you want to focus on what are the things that your customers are interested in things like how to have a nice haircut or looks good beautiful.

So these are things that you want to know according to what products and services that you provide now if you are a business owner you’re busy and you have no time to do all this content marketing you can hire my team to help you to do that if you are interested just go down to the description below there’s a link that can take you to my website and then all you need is just fill up the form telling us that you are interested in content marketing services then we will contact you. 

Now i hope these five content marketing strategy and examples will give you a clear idea and also a structural way how to plan your content marketing take actions because while you take action and do it then that’s where you will learn and don’t be a perfectionist post it out and see because you will never post you never know what kind of the content that your target audience would like so start posting today.

I hope it will help you to grow your market. Now do me a favor and share this to your friends who may need it. Especially during this period of time when we’re closed down in a pandemic more people will want to learn how to grow their business online. 

So do share with your friends so that we can help each other to grow and meanwhile here’s some of the video that I’ve done that may help you grow your business online so i hope i can create all this video to help all of you to be able to grow your business online successfully.