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I know the difficulties on generating leads because I was once in your shoes as a consultant...

I started my own business consulting company in 2000. And, I know nothing about MARKETING.

ARE YOU LIKE ME? Having no experience in sales or marketing?

Only then I realize that sales & marketing is the most important skill that all entrepreneurs should have. So, I decided to put all my energy into learning it whether it’s offline or online marketing strategies. I also get coached by a few great marketing experts.

Then I will try and implement all types of marketing strategies and techniques. I also spent a lot of money on tools & softwares. From that, I learn that not all good tools are good for my business especially on selling professional services. Some of these tools may be effective to sell physical products, but may not be effective in selling professional services.

I learned internet marketing 15 years ago and I was amazed with the power of it because when I first implement it, it helped me 3X my revenue. From then onwards I started to use digital marketing to expand my business to oversea markets and today I have conducted my service in 30+ countries and a lot of my clients are large Fortune 500 companies.

Andrew Cheah


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Digital marketing don't have to be difficult if you get the RIGHT solution. I believe a Right solution should be simple and able to bring results.
Andrew Cheah
Andrew Cheah
CEO, Synerflex Consulting
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