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I help professional service entrepreneurs like consultants, coaches, trainers & advisors to get clients consistently with social media & digital marketing.

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How to Get Clients With Social Media for Professional Service Entrepreneurs?

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Looking to get consistent prospects list using social media & digital marketing? Here’s a guide to show you how I use online technology to get clients.

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How to Start Your Service Business in just 7 days?


If you want to start a business with very minimal capital, a service-based business is the best you can start now. This is a guide I prepare to help you kickstart your business in days, not months.

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Want to live the life of your dreams, here’s an ebook to show you how you too can achieve that. All you need is to learn the skills & plan how to do that.

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how I expand my consulting business from scratch to over 30 countries

I used cold-calling as my main prospect generation method way back in 2000. Are you still using this method?

I know the difficulties on generating leads because I was once in your shoes as a consultant or a professional service provider.

I started my own corporate training & consulting company in 2000 and I knew nothing about MARKETING.

Are you like me? Having no experience in sales or marketing.

I think I am worse off because there are only little information available online in year 2000. 

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Digital prospecting don't have to be difficult if you get the RIGHT solution. I believe a Right solution should be simple and able to bring results.
Andrew Cheah
Andrew Cheah
CEO, Synerflex Consulting