How Effective is A Website for Small Businesses?



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Now one of the questions that are most frequently asked by the small business owners is how effective is a website for small businesses now if you have not used a website or you have a website but you don’t have any effectiveness of bringing customers to you through your website then you may want to watch this video. 

How Effective is A Website for Small Businesses

I’m going to share with you my experience of using website to expand my business in more than 30 plus countries.

I have been using website for the last 15 years to promote my business my product my services in more than 30 plus countries and it has helped me a lot by getting customers from many different parts of the world.

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#1 Cost Effective To Promote Small Business

Number one why I like website is because it is one of the most cost effective way to promote my business now compared to others i’ve been using a lot of different ways like exhibit my services in big expo exhibition that costs like tens of thousands of dollars using faxing using premium browsers a lot of all this is eventually more expensive compared to my website 

Today if you want to build a website it only costs you a few thousand ringgit. Let me convert to US dollars most probably with less than a thousand us dollars so using a website is definitely one of the most cost effective ways for you to promote the business. 

Especially at this point of time where your MCO people are staying at home this is one way for you to bring your shop or your store and your products to the customers so that they can see what kind of services do you offer, what kind of products so on using your website or web store.


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#2 Access Worldwide Potential Customers

Number two it allows me to access potential clients from all over the world. Now I’ve done it to promote my business in more than 30 plus countries so people find me through my website and that’s how I network with them and then later convert them to my customers and service them. I’ve done consulting services training in more than 30 plus countries. This is all due to my website.

#3 Fast Launch A Marketing Campaign

Now the third point is that I usually use my website like multiple landing pages so I create like web pages to launch a campaign so that I can use this campaign for example I want to launch a new program I can create a talk virtual talk over zoom but I can use my website as a landing page for people to register later on I can do my zoom training and then from there I get the leads and from the leads then I nurture them to become my customers. 

So a website is so powerful that it has many many uses so it helps me to generate leads as well it helps me on my event management and I can do it very very fast compared to a physical event so these are the three things that I use the most for my website. 

Now of course there in my website it’s just a tools this is like for example if you want to prepare a nice dinner then you may want to go and buy a knife now a knife is just a tool right and I won’t give you a dinner without the other things right so once you have the knife you still need to prepare like recipe what are the food ingredients that you need maybe you need a pots pans and so on to cook your final dinner.

So the same thing as website now my final objective is like generating sales but of course using website it helps me to generate leads and from the list then I need to do something else to nurture them to become a customers so a website is just one part of the whole marketing plan so some people would think that once I have my website I will just expect the sales just coming in automatically. 

It is part of the tools inside your marketing plan depends on what you want so if you know how to use the website properly then you will start generating leads and generating sales from your website now besides that website also have many other benefits If you want to know more here’s a video that i’ve done before you can watch this video.

I hope that this video will give you an ideas how to use website to generate leads and ultimately generate sales for you so if you like this video just gives us a thumbs up and also share to your friends who may need it as well.

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