How Do I Create a QR Code for My Business in Malaysia?



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Today I’m going to share with you how I create a QR code for my business in Malaysia now. 

Today QR code has become more important especially like malaysian we know everywhere we go we have to scan. Since everyone knows how to scan today so as a small business we can utilize this to promote our business. 

Now if you’re interested to know how watch this video okay so how do you actually create your QR code for your business now there are two types of QR code now you can see that over here right the one with the line those are the common bar code it used to be we are using this barcode every time you go supermarket you actually will scan this.

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So this is the the most common barcode now the QR code that we are using you can see this with my local android logo right over here this is what we call a QR code so this QR code is a little bit fancy little type and the difference is that this used to call 2D barcode two-dimension barcode so right now it’s called QR code QR code QR stand for quick response. 

What actually is this QR code for when you’re using QR code meaning that you do not need to manually type in the data so no data entry for example if you want to go to a certain website domain url.

For example you got to know how to spell and type all those little words in your small mobile phone so it’s very troublesome but if you have a scanner you just can boom it tells it takes you to my website.

So it’s speed up that’s why it’s called quick response now second thing is that when you don’t have data entry meaning that there’s no data entry error so if I tell you Andrew Cheah dot com you don’t know how to spell or sometimes you are keying in but because of fat fingers it’s difficult to type and then we will type wrongly then you cannot find my website so there’s no data entry errors when using QR code so it’s fast and easy to transmit information.


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The third thing is you have one scan you have multiple information that you can pass through immediately I’ll show you how that’s the benefits compared to the old barcode oh barcode meaning that if I have to have three information I have to scan in three times but in QR code i can have four or five information at one scan everything will be transferred this is so much faster you see so how to create a barcode.

So now this is the the barcode QR code that I’m going to show you right now how to create that and the usage is that you can put this barcode or QR code into your name card like this right this is my name card so you can put it over here so people will scan this you will go to my website so it’s so much easy so if you’re not subscribed to my channel and my channel is all about helping small business go online and also how to create a new online business. 

So next week I will show you how to create a business card like this so if you’re interested do subscribe and follow and turn on your notification bell so that when we publish next week you will be notified. So let’s jump right in and show you how to create a QR code like this.

create a QR code for my business in Malaysia

Now we’re in the website and the website that I recommend you for you is call QR code then you can see the link right below here QR code dash now when you come to this QR code this is what you’re going to see right so it’s a free QR code generator so that you don’t have to pay for it how good is that right now first thing is that commonly people using barcode is that you scan and it takes you to a website. 

There’s many many functions so I’m going to show you a few. This url means that your domain is your website so what you need to do is that for example right over here my website will be

Once I have now the size is square here you don’t have to because this is big enough for you for most cases right so then what you need is just click create QR code then it creates your QR code and in fact if you take a phone you can actually scan it right now and it goes to this 

Now if you want to be more fancy you can change some of the colors right over here but I highly recommend just using dark color black color so that it’s easy for people to scan okay and you want to add a logo image that like what I have you can add and upload your image. 

For example here you can put the logo over here click create you can see the logo right over here then you want to customize be a little bit fancy you want to change some of this you can change always right you can just play around with that so it doesn’t matter as long as all this it can be scanned just in case so what you can do is that you can try scanning it right and then you can see whether it works or not all right 

Let’s say we like this okay after we finish all you need to do is click on this download png so click on this download png it will download to your computers that’s it it’s very simple now there are many different functions for this QR code. 

So next week we’ll talk about what the function is to put in your business cards and especially right now you can use an e-business card rather than printing the business card saving money as well as it can help you to spread through social media easier besides that you can create a QR code for email.

It means that you set your email what your subject is and what other messages so when you can send to people people will just scan that and automatically they will email to you even on the phone right you can set the phone number meaning that people will scan this automatically they will phone you. 

Same thing with SMS and vcard now vcard is very useful you can key in your name last name everything organization your position your phone your fax uh your website email everything now these are all your usually the information on a business cards so when they scan this automatically it will transfer or create a contact inside your prospects or your customers phone.

So how easy the one scan you get all this information inside their contact book so you don’t have to key in one by one that’s why I say a QR code is very useful you can put in multiple information at one time so after create this remember to create your QR code now each one is different. 

So just now the url right after you key in this you create this this is for the url you can create another one for vcard to help people easy for people to save your contact now other than that you can have others like location if you want to send an address people okay and you can just put in even. 

let’s say you create a brochure and people want to go to your shops scan here it will go automatically to a map same thing Facebook so you want people to be able to find you on your Facebook page twitter Youtube account even if your shop your wi-fi you can key in you don’t put in for people to see what is the details people can scan and then can connect to the wi-fi so it’s very very useful and even events if you have a something event coming up. 

Let’s say for example you do a live telecast or webinar and then after that you invite people to your event and you just show this QR code and people scan then they can see whether to add this event, It can be like an appointment or a training to their calendar so they’ll ask the customer when they scan this whether to add to their calendar or not if they agree means that they’ll add that into their schedule so how useful is that right now this is how you create a QR code and it is free.

I hope you know how to create your QR code for free right now to see how good it is, so if you like this video do share it with your friends who just started up or people who have owned a small business, this will be very helpful for them.

Now that you know how to create your business card then you can use this to promote your business and remember take action right now and go create or pass it out your QR code now.