How to Make Your Own e-Business Cards Online for Free?



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In this video I’m going to show you how you can how to make your own e-business cards online for free that you can share in your social media or everywhere like Whatsapp’s messenger and even your Facebook, Instagram and so on so it’s so much easier and at the same time it’s free so if you’re interested to learn more watch this video till the end.

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First thing before you create your name card we need to use a QR code so you can create a QR code something like this.

Make Your Own e-Business Cards

Now if you not watched my last video about how to create your own QR code for free you can watch this video right below and it’ll teach you how to do that.

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So let’s jump right in and I’ll show you right now how to use this QR code and create your electronic business card like this great now for those who watch my video earlier on we know that you are using these tools right to create your QR code if not you can watch it later on after you learn how to build your business card go there and generate this QR code for yourself now.

Right now what we want is if we go to Canva is a very very useful website or tools that help me to design most of my stuff right now so when you come here you go to templates right over here and you can see there’s a lot a lot of different templates here now today my focus is to teach you how to create a business card so right over here business card click on this. 

Now you got a lot of different business cards okay all right so now it depends on which category you are right you can click here now for example if I’m a web designer so I’ll click on this web designer it gives it a lot a lot of templates so you can find the one that you like the most so from over here you can scroll down and you can see all these other templates. 


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Let’s say for example let’s pick one so let’s say I like this one so click on this one so it will give you a two page because this business card is actually for printing so after you do this you can actually print a card like the traditional business card all right so now this is the you can look at it this is the business card size 8.5 times 5 cm so it’s a 8.5 width times 5 cm okay all right now I’m going to show you a different way so for me because we share the card through mobile. 

Today i prefer to have my card in a vertical form right so it’s eight point five times five now i’m going to show you i’m going to create a design of my own okay custom dimension which is just now is in cm so just now is 8.5 times 5 now we reverse it so it becomes 5 times 8.5 okay now my design is 5 cm times 8.5 which is the vertical type now here you have a lot because vertical type usually is like the so-called brochures or paper or documents and so on.

So there are a lot of all this design over here as well so you scroll and try to see something that you like for example this one and when it goes in it has a lot of other choices for you as well so let’s say i want this one okay so then i can change this so i like let’s say for example my background to be black so it changes to black then this i want to put my photos so i can click and choose on one of my photos so once you find a photo you just drag it and then you put it over here right so now this is my photos. 

So over here is the text now i want my text to be darker so i can change it right and i want it to be like larger okay it’s too big never mind let’s put in first then you can change it as it goes so don’t like this font you can change to another font let’s say for example i wanted something like this okay and maybe a little bit smaller all right. 

So now here then here there’s a sub text here all we need is ungroup and then see what do you want to put in here so here i want to change the font color as well so this one i don’t need this okay so then i can put my phone here now i can change it to a white color so here i can put my address then i can put in some other information. 

If i want my telephone okay so you can put in all the information that you want right over here then here let’s say make it bigger now i’m going to put in my qr code over here now if you’re not you can just drag it in and upload it to canva now my one is already uploaded so all you need is just click it then it can comes over here now i can have it like this so here i can put it up a bit so it depends on what you want. 

Let’s see this will get scan or takes them to my so-called website so right over here i want to put in something i want to duplicate so here we can put in something to help people understand what you do we help small business do grow online so something like this okay and let me adjust it nicer okay so these are almost done then you have your logo you will put a logo right over here you can do that okay and of course here you will put in your company name right. 

So let’s say my company name is Andrew Cheah right so you can put in your company name and all the key information you can put right over here and that’s it so now your e-business card is done so once it’s done here all you need is just click download. 

My suggestion is this goal for jpeg is a smaller file size easier to to send to whatsapp or any social media so just download it and then that’s it so you got your business card and then put it on your phone and then when you meet someone you can just send them through whatsapp right so you can connect with them through whatsapp or through messenger. 

It depends on what social media communication tools that they use now this is very useful especially if you are speakers or even consultants when you give sharing online or live telecast and facebook live you can put all this name card and especially your qr code onto your presentations people can see they can scan they can go to your website. 

Now this is very important if you watch my early on digital marketing strategy video up here if not watch it i teach you about how to strategize so one of the key thing is that we will give out samples things that people can sample your service look at how you conduct your training or your products.

So this QR code will bring to your website so very important you must have your own branded website so that people can go there and they can download your checklist your cheat sheets or your E-books whatever samples that you want to give to them.

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