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How To Promote Your Products On Social Media In Malaysia?

Knowing how to promote your products on social media is a must today. Do you agree you see there are 54 percent of social media users using social media to research on products that they want to buy. 

If I want to buy a product I will go research on YouTube and many other places like Instagram to see how people use it and I will look for reviews before I buy their products. 

how to promote your products on social media

There is a 54 percent  of social media users do check it out on social media and good news is that 73 percent of the businesses using social media to market their business find that social media marketing in fact is one of the most effective tools for them to market their business or the product or services.

What about you now in this short video I’m going to share with you five different ways on how to promote your products on social media.

Watch “How To Promote Your Products On Social Media In Malaysia (2021)?” full video below.

#1 Social Media Communities

Number one is to promote to the social media communities for instance community means when I say Facebook there are Facebook groups so find the Facebook group that is your target audience and then mingle around in the group. 

Now do not hard sell inside the group you just want to network and then get feedback and then create the relationship so that people will come to you and ask you what kind of business or products are you selling 

Once you build a relationship then you can sell or promote your products to them but at the same time if you mingle around in those groups or communities you will understand what kind of products are people looking for.

To solve certain of their problems you need to spend some time in the groups then you can do your research there and come up with a better product that will appeal to your target audience.


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#2 Contests Or Giveaways

Second way on how to promote your products on social media is to run a contest or giveaways to attract more engagement or more people to your Facebook page as well as to your website now in your website then use this to capture their names and contact the leads and then nurture them to become your customers.

#3 JV Partners

The third way on how to promote your products on social media is to find a JV partner, which means joint venture partners. Now of course there are people, let’s say for example you sell pots and pans and there are people selling household related products so what you can do is connect with them. 

Contact them and then ask them whether you can do cross promotions so if you have your list of customers they also have the list of customers so what don’t you work together and come up with a JV agreement and then you can cross-promote for each other leads.

#4 Social Media Only Promotion

Now the fourth way on how to promote your products on social media will be to create a special social media only promotion or discounts meaning that these discounts or promotions only happen in your social media so get your user to maybe share with your friends in order to get the discounts or leaving comments. 

It all depends on what kind of engagement you want but all these discounts and promotions only happen in your social media so you want them to get engaged inside your social media.

So that way you can grow your social media presence and also get them to more attention. All right give more attention to your social media so that next time when you post new posts or promotion they will be engaged.

#5 Social Media Ads

Finally the fifth way on how to promote your products on social media which is my favorite is using advertisements. Facebook has advertisements, Instagram has it, Linkedin has it and many social media and in fact all major social media has advertisement programs. 

Now why I like advertisement programs is because it is fast and it can target the right audience pretty fast rather than it takes more time so if you do the free one it takes more effort but it’s free. 

If you pay, it means that you can get your target audience or leads attention faster and capture them into your sales funnel and nurture them to become your customers so that way to me is faster. 

I hope that these five social media promotion methods will help you so you don’t have to do all of this start one which is comfortable that you like to do it start with one and then slowly you can apply the rest now do share it with your friends meanwhile if you would like to learn more here’s some other videos that may help you to grow your business online.

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