How to Sell During Covid-19 in Malaysia?



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Do you want to learn how to sell during Covid-19 in Malaysia right now? 

Today’s this video I’m going to focus on selling physical products to the end consumer it means this is a B2C marketing now when I say physical products but if you are a service business owner so what you can do is that you may want to ask yourself this question what are the products that my customers need right now that is related to my service.

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For example if you are operating a hair salon you can sell shampoos conditioner hair cutter or hair clippers right just google it there’s a lot of hair salon related products now you can also sell beauty products to me heads alone especially to women this is actually in a beauty industries so we will want to be beautiful can buy the products from you right that’s why they go to your saloon. 

How to Sell During Covid-19

Here’s six tips that you can follow on how to sell during Covid in Malaysia.

#1 Forget About The Old Sales Process

So here is the first tips on how to sell during Covid-19, now I know you have been doing this business for a long time some of your sales process works in the past before the Covid time frame now it may not work so forget about that right do not try to rebuild this complaint and so on just leave it aside focus on what is the new processes right or the new sales processes that will work right now.


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#2 Review Your Products

Second tips on how to sell during Covid-19 is to review the products that you have whether they can be sold online or not when saying products means your physical products, some physical products are not able to ship out then you may need to repackage it okay or you may need to find some products that are shippable now. 

If you have a lot of products doesn’t mean that you got to put everything to be sell online but choose in the beginning maybe 10, 20 items to start it off right even with one items that is still fine right because when you start selling one item you start getting customers online then you can get add-on new products and so on. You see after you decide at least like one product to kick-start with start marketing right away

#3 Start Marketing Right Away

Now third tips on how to sell during Covid-19 is so simple, all you need is just a website or web store then you can start market to your potential customers so focus on first products right choose from many products that you have one product that can sell online focus that and start selling. 

I still remember when we first started e-commerce business many years ago we only have like one product three different colors and we are able to hit five figures within like 12 days so you do not need a lot of products in order to make sales so if you have one start off with one then add on the products because so that your customer can keep on coming back and buy from you. 

#4 Promote Your Business

Forth tips on how to sell during Covid-19 is promoting your business so is it promoting your business basically promoting your web store your web store is like your shop right if they are new nobody knows you exist so you need to promote them. 

One way is that use Facebook ad to run the ads and target your audience so that they can come to your webstore and if they’re interested they can buy from you it is so simple right set a budget between 15 to 30 ringgit and especially if you sell physical products which is not too expensive right let’s say not too expensive like below 100 ringgit you will definitely see some sales. 

If you’re interested to learn how to do Facebook ads where I walk you through step by step how to create your first Facebook ads leave a comment I’ll do a separate video and show you how to do that now once you start selling you start getting sales this is not the end right this is just the beginning of your customer relationship. 

#5 Serve Your Customer Well

Fifth tips on how to sell during Covid-19 is serve your customers very well so that they will come back and buy more from you so this is very very important how to serve them well the simple thing is that do always keep in touch with them now in social media you can chat with them right now the more you chat with them the more you understand them then the more product ideas you have. 

So a lot of time that when I chat with customers I can ask them what are the products that they are looking for that I don’t have in my store you see so when they tell me then it gives you ideas of what product to go and source or find or create for them so their feedback is the most important one because these are real customers feedback and that way slowly you can add more products and grow your business. 

#6 Set Up Workflow & Train Your Team

Sixth tips on how to sell during Covid-19 is once you grow your business you need to have a team right you need to set up workflow that cater to this new sales process and train your team how to do that well right so this is one way to have all this SOP or standard operating procedures so that you can sustain this process and this is very important if you are existing business suddenly you change into online business or e-commerce business model your operation may need to change as well. 

Let’s say for example your store if you sell to like small companies or other companies usually you send your goods in buck but when it comes to e-commerce you may send like one individual items or we call high-mix low volume packages so meaning that you’re gonna have a lot more shipment a lot more packages to individual customers so means that your picking packing in your store activities will increase tremendously. 

If you don’t have proper workflow for that then you may delay your shipment and the customer are not happy which is what we don’t want so it is important to review your operation workflow to support this new e-commerce business as well now e-commerce business is real business now if this is too overwhelmed for you to do all that my advice is to get someone right a consultant a coach to actually guide you. 

You can also work with me to help you to build the whole flow train yourself to how to turn your business into an e-commerce business model and that way you can get up your e-commerce business running within days and save you a lot of time and money through trial and errors and remember time is money especially in the internet world. 

If you are small business owners and you want to turn your business from a traditional into an e-commerce or online business and you need some advice I’ll leave my link below so that you can set up appointment we can have a short session where I can advise you what are the strategy that you can do for your e-commerce business or your current traditional business to go online and what are the things that you must prepare for.

If you’re interested to talk to me just hit on the description there’s a link where you can make a short appointment with me to discuss this or brainstorm together with me now I hope this video will help you get an idea how to sell in this Covid-19 pandemic situation now when is this going to over I’m not too sure but this is the things that you must do especially. 

If you’re a small business owner more and more business owners has gone online if you’re not doing it means that you’re going to fall behind and more and more competition are there on the online so the faster you get online the more advantages you’re going to have so I hope these six tips will help you get an idea how to sell during Covid-19 and I’m Andrew I publish weekly business tips.