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Today I’m going to make a new MCO 3.0 version that you can use if you want to start a business in Malaysia during MCO 3.0. This is for those who want to start as well as those who already have brick and mortar shops. And now you want to adapt to the current situation and start your business using online strategies, so if you are entrepreneurs or small business owner who want to start your online business then this definitely is for you.

Do you want to start a business in Malaysia during MCO 3.0?

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Now, if you’re looking for things like how to register your company and get your bank account, this is totally not about that. It is important for you to register and get a bank account because these are the things for your customer to trust you but if you want advice on those, just search for company secretaries and most probably they will be able to help you or advise you on doing that. As for now I’m going to share with you strategies on how you can kick-start your online business or your business using online tools and resources.

By the way, there is one question that my followers always ask me is how much do they need to actually start using online resources so the capital for this I would say that it’s less than 4,000 ringgit or less than 1,000 us dollars.

#1 Start With A Website

So let’s jump right to the first tip on how to start a business in Malaysia during MCO. If I were to start my business again using online resources, the first thing I would do is get a website. Back in the olden days, if you wanted to start a shop or you wanted to start an office you would always go and rent or buy an office or a shop which would probably cost you more than ten thousand ranges a year. Today, you can start one just using a website or web store which will cost you around or less than 1,000 ringgit so this is really a low startup capital.

A website is very important because it helps you to build trust and for people to know that you have a web presence and this is what people judge. It has become very important today as there’s so many scams on the internet and even certain banks require you to have a website when you want to open a bank account so it is advisable to start with a website. 

If you are a technical expert, you can learn how to build a website if you’re not, my advice is to get an expert to build it for you. Just make sure the expert is someone who runs the business using their own website as well so that they know how to structure the website based on your business. 

If you’re interested in getting a website, that’s linked here and you can see some of the portfolio that my team has created for our small business customers so from there you can get an idea.

If you want to engage my team to do it for you we actually have special package just tell us that you are one of my Youtube followers we will give you a special rate so head on below to click the link and take a look at the portfolio if you want to do it yourself and get our ideas it doesn’t matter just go to the website and have a look. After you get the idea of what kind of website you want, you can start to create your website.

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#2 Decide On A Product

The second tip on how to start a business in Malaysia during MCO is that you need to decide on a product when i say product it includes your services as well the first thing that your product services if you already have a business then it is easy choose one that you think can sell online or repackage it to sell online.

Some of my clients run a restaurant business so what they do is they repackage their ready mail meaning that when you go to restaurants let’s say they do Chinese cooking so they have meals but right now what they do is that they take the ingredients and we pack it and they just deliver to you. All you need to do is just to steam it or put on an oven to bake it then your meal is ready so that is become a something shippable that you can deliver to your customers so you got to find a product that is shippable and sell now, start with one product you don’t have to prepare like thousands of products.

If you are providing services like me as a consultant, I do face-to-face training but since last year MCO we have packaged our training into something that can be conducted online. It is like a live recorded online training or a virtual training plus coaching as well. I’ve already done this not only in Malaysia, I also conducted this for my client in China, Philippines as well during this MCO period last year so all you need to do is to repackage it which no doubt you can do it online now.

If you want to know the details on how to start consulting a training business, watch this video now.

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#3 Promoting Your Business

Once you choose your product and services, the next tip on how to start a business in Malaysia during MCO is by promoting your product or services. I know there are many ways you can promote your product or services. Right now the best way is to learn how to use social media to promote your businesses. In my case, I have multiple different businesses we use social media to promote like our consulting and training market B2B we are using linkedin to market like for a website marketing agency targeting entrepreneurs such as micro or small business. 

We are using Facebook to market so you want to start with the products that you already have and then observe who are the target audience or target customers and what kind of platform they usually use. If they are mostly on Facebook then you should learn how to use Facebook to market to them, if they are on Instagram then you want to learn how to use Instagram to market to them.

There are many different marketing tools available today which is a good thing but the bad side of it is that some people would go and learn everything before they decide when to market their products and that is a huge mistake because you will never stop learning about all these platforms and it keeps changing over time so the best way is to find one platform and start learning how to do it and if possible get a coach to guide you which makes it is easier. 

For example, even for Facebook marketing there’s already so much to learn. In order for you to learn everything about Facebook marketing it will most probably take you months but you actually don’t need to learn all the things inside Facebook marketing because what you want is to market your only one product so it only takes maybe one method or one strategy then you can start seeing sales coming in.

It is actually not as difficult as you think so find a coach or someone who can guide you who has done it before, all they have to do is to guide you and come up with one strategy or one method then use that method and then start getting sales.

If you want to grow further then learn some more but a lot of time what I’ve seen from what we’ve done for our clients maybe one or two strategy is already good enough for them to build a great business so focus on getting sales not just learning greedily about all these marketing tools so if you really want to start your business focus on these three things now.

I know there are many other things you can do like email marketing content marketing a lot of other stuff but focus on doing these three things and i can guarantee you can get your business started even within less than seven days and you do not need to take four years to get a degree or masters only start your business focus on doing these three things within seven days you can start a business in Malaysia during MCO.

I hope I gave you an idea on how to start a business in Malaysia during MCO 3.0. Don’t waste time on doing other stuff if you’re serious, focus on these three things and do it then you will see result. For those who are serious or who wants me to coach you to kickstart your business there’s a link right below you can click and then book a 30 consulting session with me so that we can understand each other and know whether we can help you or not so we need to know your business and what kind of strategy you want.

From there we can help guide you to kick-start your business faster at the same time we can work together so if you’re interested, head down to the description below click the link and book a 30-minute session with me so I hope these three tips will help you start a business in Malaysia during MCO 3.0.

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