How to Start a Business with No Ideas in Malaysia?



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Want to start your own business but you don’t have any ideas? 

Today I’m going to show you how to start a business with no ideas in Malaysia and kick start your business right away.

Watch “How to Start a Business with No Ideas in Malaysia [2021]? ” full video below.

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How market research in this video I’m going to show you how to research on finding your physical products ideas now let’s jump right in. I’m going to my computer and show you where to find your ideas. Okay, now I’m on the Shopee page. 

Shopee is one of the e-commerce marketplace in Malaysia now you can use Lazada or other marketplace as well I like Shopee because it shows you how many items that they sell so first thing is that the best you go into the incognito mode right then go to Shopee then now you can see these are the things that are the top sellers right or popular items that people are looking for.


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So my advice is start to sell something that you have interest in, for example if I like hiking right now I can go in and start taking high gains and you can see what are the items that are suggested.

Start a Business with No Ideas in Malaysia

For example here you can see hiking shoes hiking pants and all those like hiking stick let’s choose one right now you can see that these are all the hiking sticks so now you can see here is that you go and click on the top sales so that you can see what are the popular items that are selling.

So you can see what are the things that is related to hiking. So you can sell all these, so it depends on what kind of interest you like then you can choose what are the items.

Let’s say for example I’m going to choose another one right now because cooking and all these things are very popular because of the Covid situation so let’s search cooking and see what it shows so you got our cooking toys, cooking pots, cooking play set and all those things. 

So what you can do is let’s say I haven’t seen these cooking tools and see what it suggests or shows you so these are things that it shows you right now go click on the top sales you can see what are the popular items. 

So there you go these are the popular items right and you can see these are here this one it’s like selling what 1.8k cooking utensils and so on all right 2.2 k now this will gives you ideas what are the things that is sellable in the market 

So what you need to do is to refine some of these popular items you know all these items can sell already create your own website and then start selling to your target market. 

Now I hope this will give you some ideas do your research based on the interest and then see what are the products that is sellable in the market so it is so much easier to sell the products that people are already looking for don’t reinvent the will and then just do it better than your competitors.

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