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How to Start Ecommerce Business From Scratch in Malaysia?

If you want to learn how to start ecommerce business from scratch in Malaysia, then this video is for you. By the way, this is not going to be another dropshipping, Shopify or Aliexpress e-commerce training.

I’m going to share with you the key processes to build your ecommerce business from scratch focusing on your local market first before expanding globally. Stay tuned till the end cause I will give you a special bonus that will make your e-commerce start-up much clearer and easier.

Here’s the 5 steps you should focus before you start your e-commerce business from scratch now:

#1 Right Entrepreneur Mindset

First thing is that you must understand your mindset. Understand what e-commerce is. E-commerce is not rocket science. It is just like a business. If you are running a small business today, for example you are running a cafe, it is a small business. E-commerce is also a small business. What turn that cafe into a digital world or a virtual world e-commerce are the transaction that is done online so when people talk about e-commerce it can be they are doing marketing sales online. It is also part of the e-commerce or you can have totally everything virtual even like selling digital products.

For example, if you are cafe owner and you know how to roast your coffee beans, you can create a course of teaching people how to roast the coffee bean that suits their own taste and you can sell that digital course online or you can sell it to your fans or customers and they would buy the course from you. So in that case everything is all digital because you got your own digital products and all your transactions also can be virtual or online.

Another example is that if you are a cafe owner, you can start selling products related to coffee like coffee moka pot or different types of pots and there’s so many tools that you can sell that are related to coffee, even coffee beans. There are so many things. If you go to the Starbucks or Coffee Beans, you’ll see they also sell t-shirts. So doesn’t mean that your cafe cannot combine with e-commerce. When you combine with the e-commerce it actually has a better effect because your customers or your fans will remember you so if they like you, they’ll buy your products and then bring back home.

Like right now especially during Covid-19 period, they can buy your coffee beans and enjoy at home. So after the lockdown, they can actually go back to your cafe again so it means that when you have ecommerce you keep reminding them that you are there for them.

#2 Understand Your Market and Products

Second thing is that before you start, I want you to really understand your market and your products. I know if you’re a small business owner you already have products. For example, if you are a manufacturer of certain machines and the machines is only used by a certain types of companies so those are what we call a B2B market because the consumer would not buy from you.

Other than that if let’s say I’m doing for example curry powders and curry powders for certain big brands so I am a contract manufacturer. I’m producing all these curry powders for some other brands. Now, I can repackage it and create my own formulas or my own recipes and come out with my own products for the consumer market.

Firstly, you need to understand your products and where your match is and then you need to do market research before you come up with the products. I want you to do market research right now. In the technology world everything is online and the data is online with Google or Facebook. They know what the customers are looking for so before you actually develop your own products, I want you to do market research first. If you have doubts and don’t know how to do a market research, you can always contact us and our consultant will give you a 30 minutes free consultation session to show you how to find the market match for your products.

#3 Your Own Branded Store

Third thing is that you must get ready for your branded web store now. I know there are a lot of e-commerce platforms. Let’s say I’m in Malaysia and that’s Lazada and Shoppe and many others as well. You can put a product there in their platform but one thing is that if you are new and if you put your products on this platform, you must know that these platforms are what we call a red sea platform. It means that it is highly price competitive. If you want your products to compete in price and you think you can compete with others so by all means go in there.

Another thing is that unless you already have an established brand and people buy your product because of your brands or you have unique products then this type of e-commerce platform is for you. If not, my advice is to always have your own brand webstore.

If you want to invest in your own branded web store, you can talk to us and our team can help you plan all the necessary. A branded web store would take you long-term and it helps you bring up a brand rather than just competing in prices. Furthermore, your brand store will help you build trust.

For example, I like sports and I go to Adidas or Nike and all these brand stores and they say that they don’t have their own branded web store so how can people trust them, right? So the first thing is that you must let people go into your webstore and it must give them the first impression that’s wow this is so impressive and then people will trust you.

#4 Develop Products That Has Demand

The fourth thing is after you do all that then you need to plan out your products. You want to develop a product that suits your e-commerce target market. You may have your existing products and it may or may not suit your e-commerce market.

E-commerce is to make it easy for people to buy online so you need to know the right pricing and also the packaging, the package size and all this things so you must package right so this is easy for transportation so that it won’t get lost or get damaged. These are things that you need to understand on how to deliver your products to suit your e-commerce target market. Then after that you will develop your online marketing strategy. For the B2C market, we usually use social media marketing strategy.

#5 Market to Your Target Customer Group

There is a fast way and also a slow way to do your marketing. Firstly, you must understand that social media marketing is not posting on your Facebook and ask people to buy this or buy that. This way it won’t work because social media is not for you to go there and sell stuff. You can sell stuff there but we must know how to plan it well so that you have a strategy on how to get this social media marketing to work for you long term.


These are the five steps that I want you to master first for your ecommerce startup. Once you hit all these steps, it means that you already test your market and you start making sales then you can move into phase two which is to grow your e-commerce business.

These five steps that I just mentioned to you is for you to focus on how to start up. Don’t confuse the growing processes with the startup processes. It is different. When a lot of people want to start up their ecommerce, they want to do everything all together so after a while, there’s so many things they need to do and then they will be overwhelmed. At the end, they don’t take action.

You just need to focus on these five steps so once you can get these five processes right and you start making sales then only move into the growing phase. If you want to plan everything only starts, it takes a long time but if you just do the five steps, it may take only a few days. Test it out before you invest in other tools and inventories.

Special Gift for You

I hope I give you a better picture of what you’re gonna do for your e-commerce startup. Just like what I mentioned early on, we’re going to give you a special bonus. Just go to and download the e-commerce cheatsheet that I prepared for you called How to Start Your Ecommerce Business Cheatsheet. This cheatsheet will save you a lot of time to skip all the expensive trial and errors and effort wasted to go and test because we have tested it for our e-commerce business. All you need to do is just follow the steps and then take those steps. With that, you can start your e-commerce business right away.

During these times e-commerce actually grows like crazy so you want to capitalize on the trend right now and start your e-commerce business.

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