How to Use Whatsapp Business: 3 Useful Whatsapp Features That You Didn’t Know You Can Do for Your Business.



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Do you use Whatsapp Business to promote and manage your business?

Whatsapp is the top communication tool use by Malaysian today. Do you know that Whatsapp also have a Whatsapp Business version that are created for small businesses?

Whatsapp Business is no longer just a simple messaging and calling app. It can help you or your business communicate better with your customers.

Most of your customers are likely to use mobile to communicate today so that is why is important to learn how to utilize these 3 Whatsapp features that you didn’t know which can help you in your business.

#1 Use Whatsapp Business: How to Create Catalogs in Whatsapp Business?

One of the Whatsapp Business useful features is the Catalog function. I use this to send catalog to display the free resources that normally my leads are interested in. If you are selling products, you can create a catalog of your products with your website link and send them to watch the details of your products and buy them on your website. It is super useful.

Here’s a short clip on how to create catalogs in Whatsapp Business:

#2 Use Whatsapp Business to Track Your Customers’ Messages & Follow Up

If you are using Whatsapp to communicate with your customers especially when you have a lot of messages with many clients then it is going to be a great headache to find the messages and also track the status of your customers.

So here’s a simple solution from one of the useful Whatsapp Business features – Labels. I usually create labels like “Follow up”, “Clients”, “Prospects”, “Pending Payment” and more to help me track who are the potential customers that I need to follow up and who I should follow up for payment. See how to use Whatsapp Business Labels example in the photo below.


And another great function is you can sort all your contacts according to your label and then message all these contact under same labels at one go. (Note: your contacts can only receive your mass message if they save your contact number in their contact)

#3 Set Up Your Whatsapp for Faster & Easy Communication with Your Customers on Your Mobile

The third feature I use more frequently in Business Whatsapp is the Quick Reply function. If you are answering customers’ or prospects’ messages on the go (using mobile phone) then you must utilize this Whatsapp feature because it will save you lots of time typing and answering to the repeated questions from your customers or prospects.

For example, a lot of my prospects like to know more details on my certain service and my reply to them is always the same such as “To know more details of this training, click here for more details:“.

So instead of typing so many words on my phone (by the way, I actually hate typing on my mobile cause the screen is so small 😂 ), I just need to set up Whatsapp Quick Replies under the Whatsapp Business Tools section. I can just set for example “/goac” to replace the whole long sentence as shown above. That save me a lot of time and it is also so fast and convenient. Try it yourself.

BONUS: How to Create One-Click Whatsapp Link in Your Social Media Posts for Customers to Contact You

It will so troublesome if you need your customers or potential customers to key in your phone number into their phone contact book before they can whatsapp you, right?

Here’s a short video that I created to show you how to create a simple One-Click Whatsapp Link that you can post in Facebook or Instagram or your website to let your customers whatsapp you easily without having to key in your mobile number and you can even preset the message you want them to send you.

Here’s how…

YouTube player


If you are small business owners, you must tap on these Whatsapp Business features to help you manage and grow your business. If you know how to use it with your website or web store then it is even more powerful. Nowadays most consumers are using their mobile phone to find products, communicate and make purchase through the phone. This is the dawn of the new M-Commerce for Malaysian.

So we must tap on this to help us run our business easier, agree? 😃

NOTE: To use Whatsapp Business, you can download it here:

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