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Do you want to learn how to sign up for Lazada affiliate program and make money with it?

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Step by Step Walkthrough to Lazada Affiliate Program Sign Up Process (Malaysia)

I’m gonna walk you through how to sign up for the Lazada program so let’s go into my screen and I will walk you through step by step. First go to Once you get in, in Malaysia you will usually taken to the local site

Once you are in the home page of Lazada, I want you to scroll it down yeah scroll down to the bottom part and find the small little words usually it’s close to About Lazada section. Now you can find this Affiliate program link down the page. Let me zoom in and show you (highly recommend you to watch the video to have a better view and understanding). 

This is the Lazada program that we’re looking for so click on that link then it will take you to the Lazada Affiliate Program website. Now you can join the largest affiliate program in Southeast Asia and start making profits by clicking the sign up button here. According to here it is highest Commission in the industry.

Lazada Affiliate Commission

I know you want to know how much you can earn, right? So go to Commission tab here then it will tell you how do I earn profits. If you are selling digital goods or you recommending digital goods you earn 8.5% electronics 2.5% fashion is 14% yeah and Supermart 7%. It is like you are your own Tesco or Giant so you can sell supermarket products and you earn 7% how good is that right?For health and beauty, you earn 10% by just recommending. You do not need to carry stock, you do not need to do fulfilment shipment and so on. Do you like it? If you like it please leave a comment here.

If you want to know more details how does it works click on the how does it work tab and then it will takes you to the page and tell you on the browser scheme step one two three four five six how does the flow. Let me zoom in and shows you something interesting. Here it says that even the customer doesn’t purchase after clicking on your ads or your recommendation or your posts that you post in social media you will still earn a commission if they make a purchase within 30 days. So, how good is that? Even though they click and they don’t buy immediately you can have 30 days if they really come back and buy Lazada you still pay you.

Lazada Rules and Regulations

You must also understand Lazada’s rules and regulation, how do you do advertising, how do you use the deep link generator. Deep link generator or sometimes people call affiliate links. It means that you will create your own links so that people click on it they know it is recommended by you and then Lazada will know how to pay you. They even have a videos here to teach you step by step how to do that all these.

You want to also know about their terms and conditions so read them and don’t go against their rules. If you go against their rules, they would kick you out from the program so try to abide with their rules and then you can start earning money by just recommending Lazada product. You don’t even have to carry your own products, you don’t have to take out money and you don’t have to do shipment. I hope you like these videos and if you really like this I want you to share to your friends who who may need this now.

Another Large E-Commerce Affiliate Program in Malaysia

One more thing, I’m going to show you is another website. Besides Lazada in Malaysia, I found another website also have a so-called affiliate program. There are others e-commerce platform like Shopee and 11th Street. I think 11th Street changed their name to Prestomall or something like that but they do not have affiliate program. Then, I go and find others and found this big shopping mall or e-commerce mall called Zalora.  

I believe you guys heard about it. It is more on fashion goods so they have branded goods. Go Google to search Zalora then you follow the same procedures by scrolling down and find the small little words “affiliate”. It is usually put close to about section like About Zalora. Here you see their affiliate program. Now they even have influencer program. If you have Instagram or you are an influencer where you have a lot of fans, you can actually join their influence of program.

Click on the affiliate program then it takes you to the affiliate page. So, this is Zalora affiliate program and they pay you 6% commission for new customers and 4% returning customers. Even their own customer who buy from Zalora before they still paying you 4%. And, here how it works. You can see all the steps here. Same thing with the campaign materials, how do you do marketing and so on. What you do is just click apply now.

Benefits of E-Commerce Affiliate Program

Basically this is a program that you do not need money to start your online business. All you need is to become an affiliate and then share the good products that you think your friends, your neighbours or your friends on your social media page would need it. Do not spam, okay? Share smartly and then people click on it they go and buy and you get commission from there. 

This is my sharing for today about affiliate marketing using the local e-commerce platform in Malaysia. If you are from other countries, you can find your largest or the big ecommerce platform and I believe they will also have this affiliate program so you can do the same method. 

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