New Marketing Strategy for Service Business That You Can Copy



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Today I’m going to share with you a marketing strategy for service business so if you’re running a service-based business then watch this video till the end.

In this short video you are going to discover five marketing strategies for service business that you can use to promote.

Watch “New Marketing Strategy for Service Business (2021)” full video below.

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#1 Understand Your Target Market

First marketing strategy for service business is to understand your target market. The first thing is that today we need to understand who our target market is rather than just targeting everyone. We would rather focus on serving one particular group of people. 

First thing, ask yourself if your service will appeal to what kind of people let’s say for example if your hair salon so you may want to focus on maybe ladies or ladies at a certain age with certain hair problems. 

Now It doesn’t mean that you don’t serve the rest but your specialty will be focusing on helping this group of people, maybe a group of ladies with dry hair with cracked hands or something like that. 

I’m not a salon owner so i can’t really go into details but if you are then you can go into details because this group of people need help so focus on a target market that needs your help that you can help them. 

So If you think that you have the expertise to help them then that will be the right market now that doesn’t mean that we forgo the rest of the market of course when the ladies come if the husband or the kids come with them for a hair salon to for hair grooming or cut hairs you still do it right but your specialty will focus on some so that people remember you because of your expertise.


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#2 Promote Your Values

Second marketing strategy for service business is instead of just probable pricing as proper pricing means a lot of time it’s like price promotions cut price competition you want to promote your values so this has a lot to do with your target market. 

So if your niche needs these types of services like for example hair cracks or dry hair, what kind of service can you do to help them solve this problem? 

So you have to be a problem solver so you are going to promote this value that you can help this group of people solve their problems then they will be able to come back for more of your services so people remember your expertise due to your value rather than you are fighting pricing.

#3 Build Good Relationship

marketing strategy for service business

The third marketing strategy for service business is to build good relationships with your customers so service is more about customer service you see so we got to treat our customer treat them like a king or like a queen so that they love to come for your service. 

So these are very important no matter what you do, treat them very well so that they will keep coming back for your services and when you build a good relationship with them then they may also introduce some other friends to you.

#4 Use Social Media

That brings us to the fourth marketing strategy for service business which is to use social media marketing and online tools like websites for people like appointments to make it easy for them to make appointments so that they don’t have to wait when they come. 

You can create a special member like memberships so those who have membership can come that have a special privilege you can use social media to promote your business and get in touch with them. Don’t have to only share about how to cut the hair but you can also share tips on how to take care of their hair, how to groom and how to wash so these are things that will be valid to the customers. 

So the same thing like I’m a trainer focusing on helping corporates to improve on productivity quality cost so I will share posts related to improve on quality any jokes related to quality or productivity so those are the things that I can do to add value when I use a social media. 

That doesn’t mean that every time you have to promote your business only one is for people to remember you when they need your type of services then you are successful and of course if you’re new then you need to use more social media like Facebook to promote your services with Facebook ads.

It is very powerful, you can target those people around your shops or your surrounding if you’re doing local business then you must use these features to help you promote is the cheapest and the best way to help you promote your business to the people around your shops.

#5 Referral Marketing

The fifth marketing strategy for service business is related to building relationships. It means referral marketing word of mouth still works even in this high tech world and word amount can be amplified to make it better if we use it with social media because people will share. 

Let’s say for example they go to your salon if you give them special gifts, maybe something like a nice shampoo or a conditioner that can help their hair even if It is just a small pack gifts, people may take photos and share to your friends and when friends see them then they will come for your service. 

So give them surprises and let them be happy they will help you to promote what watermile doesn’t mean that it’s just through the mouth today they are using social media whatsapp or anything to promote to their friends.

So these are the five marketing strategy for service business I hope you can use to promote your business online, by the way there’s one more extra marketing strategy for service business, if you are a local business like has alone you service one particular area remember to use google my business this is a very powerful because when people search you will come out on the internet and even come out under google map. 

So if you are servicing a local business or local area then this is a must so I hope this marketing strategy for service business helps you to get an idea and the next thing is that make sure you go and try it out pass it take actions then you’ll see result take action learn more again take action learn more. If you like our content, do share it with your friends who are running a service business.