Personal Branding Using Social Media in Malaysia – 7 Tips You Can Use to Promote Your Business



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I do know that one of the marketing things that you need to do in 2021 is your personal branding if you are a small business or entrepreneur. Personal branding has become more and more important due to online marketing or social media marketing so if you want to learn how to do it right then watch this video.

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I’m going to share with you seven tips on how you can do your personal branding using social media in Malaysia successfully. Now personal brand has become more and more important. Look at all those CEOs, for example Tesla the CEO is Elon Musk. For me I believe that Elon Musk’s brand is actually more valuable than Tesla because Elon Musk has other companies as well like Spacex, Solarcity and so on.

Personal Branding Using Social Media in Malaysia

Now same thing with Gary Vaynerchuk now you know Gary Vaynerchuk but you may not know what is his company same thing like Oprah Winfrey. In today’s time, social media personal branding has become more and more important so a lot of even though like big company even like Xiaomi or Apple right like Steve Jobs team, Lei Jun from Xiaomi they are all focusing on marketing through their own personal brand. 

So if you are a small business and entrepreneurs, this is a good chance for you to tap on this personal branding to promote your products or your company. So let’s jump in and see what are the seven tips that can help you kick-start your personal branding using social media in Malaysia.

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#1 Know Your Objective

So first thing on doing personal branding using social media in Malaysia is you must know what is your objective you want this brand to portray what what is your objective is your objective going to sell your services your products or you just want people to know about you right so it depends on what kind of objectives you want to achieve so small business for me I would say that the objectives are selling your products or your services. 

Now if you are Youtubers or your influencer, your objective may be different as an influencer or Youtubers you may want to like getting more fans right getting more loyal fans this may be your objective but let’s focus on small business and entrepreneurs so the objective can be like selling more products or get people to trust your brand better so that they can continue to buy from you. So the first thing is to understand what your objective is now.

#2 Target Audience

The next thing is that know who are your target audience you do not want to have a general target audience so in beginning you may want to focus on one particular niche that you can serve very well now let’s say I’m a consultant right in fact I’m a consultant and my focus of target audience is to help companies to improve on productivity or their costs I can target anyone right but i can focus or I can choose to focus on one which is my background. 

My background will be in supply chain which is like logistic warehouse so I will focus on helping warehouse or logistic related kind of business to help them improve on their productivity so same thing look at what is your strength and then which area that you can best serve then focus on that.

Now it doesn’t mean that when we focus on that when other customers come from different areas or different industries when they want your service you can still do it but it is easier for you to focus on one target audience especially when you first start up after understanding who is your target audience.

#3 Which Social Media

The third tip will be you must know where does this target audience goes to right when I say goes to means which social media platform that they use most of the time so if for my case my target audience uses mostly Linkedin because they are mostly like big corporates fortune 500 companies so I would focus on market my personal brand in Linkedin.

Now in your case it might be let’s say for example you are in fashion so you’re selling like fashionable goods and so on your target audience may be in Instagram so it’s good that you focus on Instagram now of course if possible we want to be anywhere so it all depends on your resources means that time and money if you do not have a lot of time and money right or limited resources focus on one social media first and get result there faster.

#4 Social Media Profile

Fourth tip is of course one you know which social media platform you want to create your social media profile or your pages now not just creating a simple profiles so your profile and pages you must go according to what kind of personal branding that you want to portray and this social media profile in your social media page can be Facebook page Instagram bio and this social media profile has to be attractive enough for people wanting to follow you.

#5 Personal Brand Website

The next thing which is one of the most important is to create your own personal brand website because if you have a personal brand website it will raise your credibility and trustworthiness and at the same time your website can have more information that you can share with your followers and provide value to them.

Now same thing you can use this personal brand website as your hub where you publish lots of content that people wanting to come back continue to come back and read about it or get value about it right so having your own personal brand website is very important to help you promote your personal branding.

#6 Content Creation

Number six is once you have all that of course then it will come to your content what kind of content you want to promote or share with your followers or friends and this is very important your content must portray according to your personal branding plan or your strategies so you must have a good personal branding plan.

It’s not that I would just simply share any content that I like so all this content must portray you as like for example as a consultant we want people to accept us as an expert in our field so our content naturally has to portray our skills our expertise our experience that can help build our personal brand using social media in Malaysia.

#7 Prospects Generation System

Finally, you must have a prospect generation systems and conversion process. A prospect generation system basically is to convert your followers or fans into prospects people who are interested in your program and then later to become your clients or your customers if you’re not then you will not have a process that monetize your followers so people will just follow you yeah but you don’t make money out from there unless like what I say if you’re Youtubers then you have other ways of making money through the YouTube channel 

So these are the seven tips that can help you build your personal branding using social media in Malaysia:

  1. Know what your objective is.
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Which social media platform do they use most?
  4. Build an attractive social media profile.
  5. Build your branding website. 
  6. Create your content that attracts followers of fans and
  7. Have your own prospect generation systems plus sales conversion process is critical.

So if you have all these seven steps or seven tips then you’ll be very successful in doing your personal branding using social media in Malaysia. 

I hope these seven tips will help you so my challenge to you is start taking action right now because from my experience you will learn as you take actions and especially in social media or internet marketing world things keep on changing very fast so start taking actions because the longer you take actions the things will change and normally it becomes more difficult so start taking action and you have any question do leave me a comment right below and I’ll try my best to answer you. 

So if you have any questions related to on personal branding using social media in Malaysia do leave me a comment as well so that I can do a video to explain more to help you grow your own personal branding using social media in Malaysia now.

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