It's like having a "sales team" working 24/7 for you 365 days

Do You Know That Digital Prospecting Can Save You Time & Effort?

how I expand my consulting business from scratch to over 30 countries

I used cold-calling as my main prospect generation method way back in 2000. Are you still using this method?

I know the difficulties on generating leads because I was once in your shoes as a consultant or a professional service provider.

I started my own corporate training & consulting company in 2000 and I knew nothing about MARKETING. Are you like me? Having no experience in sales or marketing?

I think I am worse off because there are only little information available online in year 2000. At that point of my starting up, all I can think of is to get a marketing book and start learning about sales & marketing. So, I got myself an audio book which taught me about cold-calling and that book helped me kick-off my business and made me a 5-figure monthly income.

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I stumble upon the secret of using internet to generate a worldwide prospects listing...

I basically go crazy on marketing and try all types of marketing techniques like mass-faxing, sending brochures etc. During that time do you know how much I spend on my phone bills doing faxing to major cities in Malaysia? It costs me more than RM4,000 per month!

I also wasted a lot of money on ineffective tools & softwares. And I learn that not all good tools are good for my professional service business. Some of these tools may be effective to sell e-commerce physical products, but may not be effective in selling professional services.

After tested so many ways and wasted a lot of money, I finally found the most “EFFECTIVE” way to market my professional service. I started to use this online method and I was amazed with the power of it. That is when my business starts to grow out from Malaysia to more than 30 countries.

For the last 10 years, I no longer have “cold-calling” sales people working for me and I am still getting prospects leads. I do have a small team of experts assisting me on my digital prospecting and social media marketing activities.

Today, I would like to share my team of expert with the serious entrepreneurs who would like to develop their own Prospects Generation System (PGS). It takes a lot of time to develop a PGS from scratch, and if you are not tech savvy it is even worse. However, my team can help you develop your own PGS using my proven formula. This will totally save you lots of time and money.

Now, I only have the capacity to help 10 professionals because my team still have to focus on our main business. And we also want to ensure these 10 professionals get the best quality service.

If you are interested, better grab this places now before it’s gone. 

Having Your Own Prospects generation System

How Does It Benefits You?

Build Trust

Your Prospects Generation System is your first impression to show to your prospects that you are trustworthy enough.

Personal Branding

PGS helps build your personal branding by showing how professional  you are at first sight.

Educate & Qualify

PGS is where you can educate your potential clients and qualify those who are really interested in your offers. That would save you time & money.

Online Prospecting

Why limit yourself by geo-location? Now, you can target prospects as far as you would like to. You can also do this day & night 24/7 throughout the year.

Generate Prospects

PGS also helps you qualify and capture the contacts of those really interested in your services or products. How great it would be to wake up with prospects waiting for you to contact them.


Social Media Marketing

We also provide professional content planning & creation for your social media to engage your followers. This will free up your time  to focus on closing deals. [Add-on service]

Limited places available only!

Due to our small professional team and also we want to focus on the quality of our work, we can only take in 10 clients for now. Grab this limited time offer now!

Prospects generation system

What You Will Get?

prospects generation system

Prospects Generation System

worth RM2500

Have your own mobile-ready PGS is like having your own sales team working days & nights for you to bring in qualified prospects so that you will not waste your precious time & money on unqualified leads.

professional email

5X Personal Branding Emails

worth RM250

Instead of using the general email like gmail or hotmail, you will get your own professional personal brand email for you and your team. This will let you looks more professional and trustworthy.


Domain & Hosting for 1 Year

worth RM500

You will also have 1-year worry free personal branding domain registration and web hosting included in your package. 

lead capturing system

Lead Capturing System

worth RM500

You will also have Lead Capturing System embedded into your Prospects Generation System. This system enables you to collect your prospects contact information.

social media marketing

Link to Social Media Business Page

worth RM300

Updates or posts on your social media page will be connected to your PGS system to educate your prospects. This will help you build relationship with them. 

whatsapp marketing

Connect to Your Whatsap/ Messenger

worth RM300

Your Prospects Generation System will be linked to either your messenger or whatsapp for your prospect convenience to contact you.

You'll get a Total Value of RM4350

Action Takers Specials

For the first 5 action takers, you will enjoy more than 75% savings. Instead of paying for RM4350, you special fee is RM980 ONLY (save RM3370)!

Note: After that the fees will go up to RM1800


Business Coaching Session

worth RM500

If you get your Prospects Generation System before 1 April 2020, you will be entitled to one (20-30mins) business coaching session focusing on helping you grow your prospects’ leads in the next 90 days. In this session, you will have gain:

Ready to start?

Why waste time & money figure out all the technical stuff of internet marketing? Let us develop your own Prospect Generation System that specially designed for professionals like you…

Digital prospecting don't have to be difficult if you get the RIGHT solution. I believe a Right solution should be simple and able to bring results.
Andrew Cheah
Andrew Cheah
CEO, Synerflex Consulting
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