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Do you want to learn how to set up an online business in Malaysia in 2021?

Now If you are interested in learning how to set up an online business in Malaysia from scratch or bring your offline business to online then this video is for you. Here are the seven steps that you can take to create your online business in 2021.

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#1 Find A Niche Market

First tips on how to set up an online business in Malaysia is to find a niche market that you want to serve don’t want to have a general market because today the market is so huge if you are too general you are competing with a lot of people so pick a niche market to start with and make sure that this market is profitable means that the target customers are able or willing to pay for your products or services so that’s number one.

#2 Create A Brand Website

Second step to set up an online business in Malaysia is to create a brand website, now you need a brand website today to helps you promote your business so that people can know you and your brand website can even open for 24 hours seven days a week and to help you promote your brand or your business just like a salesman that never sleeps and also never complain.

#3 Create MVP

Now the third step to set up an online business in Malaysia is to create your most viable products, a product that is simple just to get launched to help solve your customers maybe one or two problems right so get this product promoted first and test the market.

#4 Pilot Test Your Product

Fourth step to set up an online business in Malaysia is to conduct a product pilot testing. What I mean is to test the market whether they like the product or they dislike the product so that is why when you use MVP then you want to get feedback from your customers.

#5 Voice Of Customers

Fifth step to set up an online business in Malaysia is what I call the voice of customer strategy collect all this information that the customer like or the customer dislike that’s fine because in the earlier stage we do the pilot testing is to get feedback it’s not for you to become like a millionaire billionaire.

It is to actually get feedback so that we can improve on your products now when I say products include your services as well yeah so once you collect these voice of customers and then do an improvement on your products.

#6 Launch Your product

The sixth step to set up an online business in Malaysia will be to mass produce or mass launch this product to your market using social media like Faceboook, Instagram or Linkedin because today if you want to use online that’s the fastest way to get that to your target customers and finally once you start selling yeah so it doesn’t mean that you only sell one product.

#7 Backend Product Strategy

Then the last step, which is the seventh step to set up an online business in Malaysia, is to create your backend product strategy to continue to sell or bring in products that can serve your market well. 

If you can follow these seven steps, first is focus on your profitable niche market, second is to create your own brand website, third is to have or develop your MVP, fourth will be like promote all pilot testing to the target market and then fifth is to collect your voice of customers.

Six is to use social media to promote to your customers and then number seven is to have a back-end product strategy so that the customer will keep coming back and buy from you and they stick with you for a lifetime so that’s a strategy of how you can set up your online business today.

Now if you’re interested to learn more this is just a series I will create a series of all these videos and go into more details in each of these tips.


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