Having your own professional social media marketer

I know it’s costly to have your own professional social media marketer but what if you can “lease” one from us to work for you at a super affordable fee? 

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  1. Create professionals posting to engage your social media followers
  2. Manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts
  3. Take photos & create videos for your social media followers

Professional Social Media Marketing

Design & create your social media posting to build more followers & get them engaged.

best way to connect with your customers

People has turned their attention from traditional media such as TV & radio to social media so this is the best way your business can connect with them. And, it’s the most cost efficient way for small medium businesses to promote your business.

I know the difficulties on generating leads because I was once in your shoes as a consultant...

I started my own corporate consulting company in 2000 and I know nothing about MARKETING. Are you like me? Having no experience in sales or marketing?

I think I am worse off because there are not so much information available online and no Youtube like today where you can learn a lot of stuff. At that point when I first start up, I know I have a problem so all I can think of is to get a marketing book and start learning about sales & marketing. That audio book taught me about cold-calling and that book help me kick-off my business and made me a 5-figure monthly income.

From then onwards, I will try to learn and try all types of marketing strategies and techniques. And, along the way also wasted a lot of money on ineffective tools & softwares. Now, I learn that not all good tools are good for my business especially on selling professional services. Some of these tools may be effective to sell e-commerce physical products, but may not be effective in selling professional services.

I started to use internet marketing around 15 years ago and I was amazed with the power of it. Of course, it was easy during that time because a lot of people didn’t believe in it. I strongly believe in it because it really helps me expand my business to over 30 countries and also brings me a lot of large Fortune 500 companies as my clients.

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Social media marketing doesn't have to be difficult even if you don't know how to do it.
All you need is to get real experienced marketer who has done it to do it for you. Now even better, you can have one now at an unbelievable low fees.
Andrew Cheah
Andrew Cheah
CEO, Synerflex Consulting
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