How to Start a Freelance Business Working from Home?



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Do you want to learn how to start a freelance business working from home? 

Now the freelancing business has grown tremendously since last year because of the pandemic. Now some people call it freelancer side hustle or gig economy. This freelance business has seen a huge growth since last year. 

Now let me show you some statistics. According to a study, two million Americans shifted to freelance in 2020 and that is a 20% increase due to the contribution of freelancers to the economy since 2019 and that amounts to 1.2 trillion us dollars. 

Now another report shows that freelancers will represent 36% of the global workforce in 2020 now in this publication by Nasdaq the freelance revolution is here trends to watch this year. It tells you why freelance business has grown tremendously because of the hybrid workforce due to the pandemic.

There’s also a lot of other reasons now next thing is that same thing in Nasdaq it also tells you that the freelancing is booming and driving companies to new business models now this new business model will here to stay so take a look at what it says it judging by the fact that the freelancers are projected to make up over half of the U.S workforce by 2027 so it shows that this freelance business is growing. 

What about Malaysia now since I’m in Malaysia you can see that this is reported by the star newspaper right gig economy is on the rise and then the government is focusing to help people to get into the gig economy and get used to it economy means it’s also called side hustle or also another name for freelancing. 

So it’s a freelance business so the government are focusing to help people to start a freelance business working from home as well and now you can see that what is the growth for this business so if you want to go into this research this is the right time right now if you don’t, later on there’s so many people get into these business and it becomes so competitive. 

Now in short, freelance business is going to grow tremendously so if you want to start a freelance business working from home. Watch this video till the end and meanwhile if you like this please share to your friends so that more people will benefit from this.

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So let’s jump right in how do you start a freelance business working from home. First tips when you start a freelance business working from home is to do research. Research and find out what are the services that people are looking for and has demand rather than you think that hey I can provide this service or that service but do you think that people will want that service do your research how to do that. 

Let me jump right into the computer and show it to you all right right now we are in the this is one of the largest marketplace for like freelancer I’m not asking you to register here it’s not compulsive but if you are a freelancer right now by all means go and register here.

Start a Freelance Business Working from Home

I’m going to show you how to do the research using right so once you’re going I want to just go in and type in here slash hire dot com it will takes you to the page where you can see all types of work these are all types of work that you can find right now these are all the categories so it depends on what is your background. 

let’s say for example if you are good in accounting or finance you can click here and then under finance there’s so many categories of services that you can provide for your customers so for example here you can have like finance and accounting so what are the finance accounting right services. 

Start a Freelance Business Working from Home

So these are things like you want to see like accountants or you know how to use QuickBooks. QuickBooks consultant so click on accountants and see whether people are looking for accountants or not so here you can see all the accountants right people lease under accountants and you can see how many jobs right four jobs one zero seven jobs 83 jobs 45 jobs. 

So if you’re an accountant this is a good place you can list to find customers because it’s a proven that people are looking for this and even better you can see that they are pricing now of course the pricing are different because some of them are in different countries but in Upwork you can actually hire anyone of course like accounting people must know what are the accounting practices in your countries.


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So this is one of it so these are accountants let’s get back to the other categories and have a look right let’s say for example here you know how to do design and creative and there’s 78 results related to design and creatives so let’s say you know how to do photo edits let’s click and see whether the people looking for 

I mean someone to edit their photos right and you can see right there’s so many of them right over here and like 129 jobs 170 jobs so by 12 dollars per hour 50 per hour you can see the price range as well what are the amount to charge so comes to this and then do your research and find out what are the services that you can provide now if this is not enough I show you another website called fiverr

If you scroll down you can see the description I’ll leave all the description for you including the news that I just show you the stats about the freelance economy all this will be in the description right below now here you can see it’s the same thing right what are the services so you can see right over here what are the things. 

Let’s say you’re good in digital marketing or even a simple writing and translation let’s take a look at this I mean if you know multiple language you can do translation all right let’s click as translation and you can see here right people will translate English to checks or slaver care and we know like Italian and other language and you can see that you can’t see how many jobs they have but you can see there is a lot of reviews reviews means that if this is a 90 reviews means that it has more than 90 customers or more than 90 jobs that’s 175. 

So there are all types of translation so if you know multiple languages you can do that and there’s so many other things right you will know how to do video editing all right take a look at video editing all right there’s so many like whiteboard animation explainer video video editing short video ads. 

I think this is pretty popular right now because people like short videos especially at this moment with the growth of Tik Tok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts and so on so you can see that I will create a product video for your amazon products like thirty dollars our crew amazing brand commercial videos and so many of them and you can see that 223, 156 reviews 109, 139 so it means that these are the services that has demand. 

The second tips to start a freelance business working from home is that after reviewing all these services that have demand, ask yourself what are the skills and what are the things that you can create to help someone especially like a business owner and provide your service and start focusing on providing one particular service that you can do very very well for your potential customers. 

The third tips to start a freelance business working from home is to define who is your customers now I know it can be anyone right let’s say you’re accountant you can be accountant to anyone but you want to focus because you can provide your service to anyone in the world or in your country and not limited to your own local locations only like if I’m good in video editing I can edit video for anyone in the world and that’s the beauty of a freelancing because you can basically work anywhere in the world. 

The fourth tips to start a freelance business working from home is to create your personal website. Now this will differentiate you from others. You will have your own personal branding so this is a website that you can put in your background as well as your portfolio to show people what job you have done before.

Then people will build trust and then they will engage you so having your own personal website is an added advantage compared to a lot of other freelancers. To me that is one of the best investments that you can do for your business and once you have all this.

The fifth tips to start a freelance business working from home is to promote using social media now which platform you’re in. I was always asked this question. It all depends on who your target audience is. If your target audience spends most of their time on Instagram use Instagram.

If they are using Facebook then join Facebook and use Facebook to promote to them if they’re big companies usually they’re in Linkedin then use Linkedin to approach them and that’s how you can start a freelance business working from home do not overthink start with one services then you can add on other services.

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Now I hope this will help you to have an idea on how you can start a freelance business working from home today so start taking actions. I hope this will help you to create a new income stream as well and I know this business is definitely going to grow so take action right now.