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how to start your ecommerce business pdf

Why spending your time, effort & money to try figure out how to start your e-commerce business?

I was doing business in China for the last 10 years and have seen how e-commerce has grown there. So I tried to start my own but I fail miserably at first and burnt a lot of money. 

I then spent a lot of time learnt up on social media marketing. And me and my partner restart again and this time we start making sales within 3 days. From then onwards we keep growing our e-commerce business.

Today, we also train & coach entrepreneurs start and grow their e-commerce business from scratch but they don’t have to go through the expensive trial and error. We help them all the way from developing of their branded web store, product sourcing and social media marketing until they succeed.

Andrew Cheah


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Ecommerce is the NEW NORM of business. You don't ask whether you can afford e-commerce, instead you should be asking whether you can afford not to have e-commerce in your business.
Andrew Cheah Malaysia
Andrew Cheah
CEO, Synerflex Consulting
how to start your ecommerce business pdf

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