Video Marketing Ideas for Local Business You Can Copy



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Hi this is Andrew, have you used video as your marketing strategy today? I will be sharing some video marketing ideas for local business.

Now if you have not used video or you would like to use more video to help you promote your business then watch this video till the end.

Watch “Video Marketing Ideas for Local Business You Can Copy [2021] ” full video below.

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I have been using video marketing since last year because of the Covid situation so I got nothing to do so I just started to play now before that I do video but it’s like once in a while and in 2020 when I have more time actually I started to create more videos like two videos in a week. 

So now it’s getting more and more and I’ve been seeing a lot of leads coming from this video so now in this video I’m going to share with you what’s the benefits and how you can use video to market your business as well now first thing you can use video to introduce yourself. I’m a consultant so personal branding is quite important to me. 

So if your personal brand is like coaches, trainers and consultants so these are very important as a personal brand so you need to use video to be able to introduce yourself now if you’re a small business you’re not building your personal brand but you can use video to build your company your organization brand or your product brand. 

So how do you introduce your brand the most important thing is that you want people to aware that you exist and what do you stand for so there’s a lot of things you can use video like for example tell the story how you started this business and tell a story what your brand is stand for, why you exist and who do you serve and what kind of service or products do you provide to your community and why they should choose you.


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So this is all about personal branding as well as your company brand or products brand now you can write an article but today more and more people would like to watch a video rather than to read an article so that is why you can see that in videos like YouTube so more and more young people will actually spend more time watching YouTube than TV, now Tik Tok and  short videos. 

It’s growing like crazy you look at Tik Tok or Dou Yin in China as well as today YouTube is going into short video they call it shorts and as well as Instagram they call it rails those are all short videos to actually come out and compete with Tik Tok now this shows that there’s a high demand for short videos. 

Now second video marketing ideas for local business is that you can use video to do a product demonstration so what you do is that you just get someone in front of the camera you just show step by step how to use your products now if you want to show face or doesn’t run show face it’s totally up to you on how you want to plan your video. 

So just go to YouTube and you can see there’s a lot of product reviews in fact it’s actually that step-by-step how to use the products. If you don’t want to do the demonstration yourself you can hire someone to do it or you can hire an influencer in your particular market niche to help you do the product demonstration. 

Third video marketing ideas for local business is that you can use video to show your expertise people like to buy from experts so if you can create a video like I’m creating this video to help you to show that i know how to do it and share some of the things to help your business grow or to help you to become a better entrepreneurs so this is my way to show my expertise as well as well as I create value for my potential clients. 

video marketing ideas for local business

Now through these videos you can get to know me and then you can follow my YouTube channel and then when you need my services or my products then you will come to me because you can remember me you see so this is one way that you can create a video to show your expertise and create value for your potential client now. By the way if you have not subscribed to this channel do subscribe because every week we will publish online business tips to help you grow your business.

All right fourth video marketing ideas for local business is you can use this to announce for product launching new product introduction MPI so before you launch you can create videos to create a high now you can see all this especially in movies industries right before the movie is released in the theater they first released the trailers then they will get people to share the trailers and go viral before the so-called movie is released in the theater so that way people will know and get ready to buy the tickets when the movie is launched.

Now the fifth video marketing ideas for local business is you can share your customer testimonials as well so if you can get the customers to record a short video a couple seconds maybe five ten seconds to tell your potential clients about how to feel about your product or services and people like to see what people think of your product and services so this is one way for you to share your customer testimonials. 

Now there are many other ways right I will create other videos to share to you but these are the five ways which is commonly been done right now in a lot of big companies who use video marketing start take action and create your videos using these five ideas I want to challenge you to take actions right now to create your own videos using these idea. 

Now I know creating video is not easy don’t be a perfectionist just record it and it may not be perfect but you will learn how to improve as you take actions I would love to hear from you what is actually stopping you from creating your own videos so what is your problems what is the challenges that you face so that I can create more content to help you create the video that can help you promote your business or products. 

So if you like my content I’ll appreciate a thumbs up and please share it with your friends who may need it and meanwhile here’s some of the videos that are created to help you build your business online.