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Why Does a Business in Malaysia Need a Website Today?

Hi, small business owners, why do your business in Malaysia need a website right now?

#1 Credibility & Trust

First reason why a business in Malaysia need a website is credibility and trusting a proper website will let your customer feel that you are more professional and also more trustworthy only, then they will buy from you. 

Watch “Why Does a Business in Malaysia Need a Website [2021] ” full video below.

Let me bring you to my computer and I will show you what I mean by trustworthy and professionals. Okay, right now you’re in Facebook marketplace. This is a place where a lot of people can pose their products and sell online.

Have a look, this is the facebook marketplace. How do you feel? It looks like the stores, right? We call it “pasar malam” in Malaysia. You sell anything right? Even cars, Okay? Even like houses, you can see 225,000 houses for sale in the marketplace, do you dare to buy and this is very messy. 

You don’t feel trustworthy at all. Right? If you post here and I dare not even buy from here, you see. So let me take you to another website. I simply click a website. Okay, take a look at this website. All right. It’s a fashion website. It sells a lot of other fashions. But if you look at it, you feel good right now, there are many types of products. 

You can see many types of products when you feel good, right? Because this one you feel more professional, click on it. It gives you more details about the products and so on. Yeah, it’s a simple e-commerce website, but you feel good. All right, compared to the Facebook marketplace like this.


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#2 Generate Leads

Second reason why a business in Malaysia need a website is to generates leads. It is a big mistake. If your website does not generate leads for you, how do you generate leads? Let me bring you to another example and show you how different types of companies generate leads. Okay, let’s Right now you can see this is an Adidas shop, right? And it is very famous, but they’re still using the website to generate leads. 

Where do they generate leads? A lot of the time companies that sell products, they would give out coupons on newsletter. Right. For example, here you can see, sign up for the newsletter when you click on it, then you will ask you for an email. Yeah. So then you put an email, you become a lead to Adidas. Next, let me bring you to another shop. 

Business in Malaysia Need a Website

This is Harvey Norman. You can see here, sign up for our newsletter. Okay, free 20 ringgit shopping voucher. So you give out a free 20 ringgit voucher. So people just sign up for the newsletter. A lot of people just want a discount of 20 ringgit. 

I would sign up for the newsletter. Now that way is also one way for you to build your leads. Now, do you want to see how I generate leads? Now, this is our website, you can scroll down, you can see that I have this get started with these free guides. Now if you’re really selling services, you can follow this style. 

So I’m giving out a pdf cheat sheet free training guidebook for people to go and register or download. So if they just want to click on here, download it will pop out and then I will collect the name and email. Now most probably a lot of you are also on my email list. Then you will receive my newsletter right to give you more value added content as well as sometimes I will promote some of my services inside my newsletter.

#3 More Information

Third reason why a business in Malaysia need a website is to provide more information about your products or services. So people can actually go in and scroll and look at products. What are the specifications? What are the features, what our customers review. 

These are the things that people like to see our research before they make a decision to buy from you. So you must have a place like your catalog details, a catalog where people can actually go through and research and understand more about your product and services. So website is the best place to let them research on your company or your products

#4 Easy To Find You Online

Fourth reason why a business in Malaysia need a website is because it is easy for customers to find you online and even order from you. Yeah. Nowadays, if you have a website, people can find you through the internet or some people can just share it with their friends. They will make it easier to find you. 

At the same time you are not limited to only one small place. In fact your website can be seen all over the world. Now if you have all the functions that are even better, customers can actually order online from you and even pay online for you. It’s a much easier hassle rather than for you to go and chase payment or ask for payment. So that will save you a lot of time and effort. 

#5 Open 24/7

Fifth reason why a business in Malaysia need a website, which is my favorite is that it is open for 24 hours, seven days a week. Now imagine you have a salesman working for you 24 hours seven weeks. I think you will be tired to death. And also you’ve heard a lot of complaints from them. But this website is like your salesman working for you non stop without complaining and you will be surprised there are people actually looking at your website and even buying from you in the middle of the night. 

Now almost every day I’m receiving messages from the middle of the night when you wake up you see people message you asking about your products, your services. So it is important for you to have a website for people to be able to access your products or services information. So that’s what I love about having a website. In fact, I have a lot of websites. They are like different salesmen selling different programs for me. Now I hope all these five points will convince you to build your own website but you have to do it properly. 

Now if you have the intention you want to build a website but you do not know how to do that. You leave a comment or in the description area, there’s a link where you can message me and then we can have a short session to help you strategize on how to build your website. I’m Andrew and I help small businesses to grow their business online.

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