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If you want to start your e-commerce store and you’re just wondering what are the best sites to sell products online in Malaysia, then this video is for you.  If you are wondering what is the best site to sell your products – is it Amazon or is it Ebay or in Malaysia, we use Shopee or Lazada or even you think of Alibaba. By the way, Alibaba is a B2B platform.

If you’re wondering of all these platforms, which one is the best one for you to start, the answer is not even one of these. Yes, let me tell you why the best site to sell products online in Malaysia is your own branded site or brand web store.

Do you know why? There are two ways that you can start your e-commerce business. One is to tap on e-commerce platforms like Malaysia, we have Shopee and Lazada, or you can use Amazon using the FBA program. It’s a good place for you to start but there are some conditions that you need to understand. Not everyone can be successful in these e-commerce platforms.

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Understand Your Customers

Firstly when you want to start your e-commerce, you must understand why people goes to this e-commerce platform and purchase. If you’re not sure just go try and start purchasing first before you start your ecommerce store. I always tell my students that the first criteria to start your e-commerce business is that you must become an e-commerce buyer so that you understand the flow and so on.

Then you’ll know that the people who go to this e-commerce platform like Shopee and Lazada, are more like bargain hunters. When they go there, the website is designed in such a way that people can click and then sort and find the things that they want based on pricing or based on best selling.

If you have a unique product or your pricing is very competitive then by all means go to these competitive platforms. The good things people love about this e-commerce platform are that they throw in a lot of money like millions of dollars to advertise and bring traffic to the platforms so when you are listed in the e-commerce platform you have traffic.

Unless your product has your own brand that is fully recognized and your product pricing is very competitive or you have a very unique product that nobody else has and people are looking for it then in that sense you can sell pretty well in these e-commerce platforms.

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E-Commerce Consumer Buying Behavior Demo

Now I will bring you to the e-commerce platform and I’ll show you another reason that I personally don’t like about these e-commerce platforms. Now we are in one of the Malaysia e-commerce platforms – Lazada. Imagine that you are the consumer and you scroll down and the system is pretty smart. It will suggest the products and so on.

For example, I want to look for a heat thermometer. Let me just click on it and take a look at one of the products. Now we’re in the product page so we have these products – infrared thermometers which are one of the popular ones right now. It’s selling at 66 ringgit and now you scroll down. 

I just want to show you this product is sold by the code mall. I think hopefully I’m pronouncing correctly. Now on the side here you can see sponsored products. Sponsored products are most probably advertised by another company.

Best Sites to Sell Products Online in Malaysia

We’re at that new products page and it’s also a thermometer but it’s an electronic LCD thermometer. They are similar things – thermometers. One is infrared and one is electronic. Now you can see this is sold by someone else – Home Pro Mall and it’s only like RM16.90. 

We must understand the consumer behavior when we do the e-commerce business. So while they scroll down, this guy is wondering should I buy this or that. This is something also digital electronic easy to use and it’s only like RM16.90. Another one at only RM9.99 well this one is too expensive at RM129. Sometimes if they click this and they will go to another page then they’ll take a look at something else. So as they scroll down they look at it and they get lost and then they forget to go back to your page. That’s also possible.

Now again as they scroll down they’ll go through and read everything and this is something that I don’t really like or I hate – “People who viewed this item also viewed” section. For example, this is 66 ringgit and as I scroll down, Lazada also advertised someone else products at only RM29, RM29 and RM31.

There’s so many choices and they will click and then they’ll go to some other people’s shops. You can see here that this is another shop called Tronics selling at only  RM29.99 and it has 290 plus ratings compared to the original which has only 35 ratings. 

What do you think? Would you buy this one or would you buy this one at RM29.99? This thing looks pretty similar but it’s by someone else so if you’re smart always scroll down here and see the suggestions. And, this is something that i don’t like about selling on this platform.

My Bad Experiences With These E-commerce Platforms

Imagine I’m spending money to advertise and I bring people to my shop online and as they scroll down they end up buying products from someone else. We had this experience when we first started off when we used Shopee and we sold our products. As we followed up with one of our potential customers, she told us that she already asked her husband to buy for her. And when we trace there’s no purchase at all, we know that they most probably buy from someone else. 

When you’re selling on these types of platforms, the problem is that because this platform doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to Lazada or Shopee or Amazon. Furthermore, the customers that you acquire doesn’t really belongs to you, it belongs to them because as you register Lazada and Shopee you know they have your emails and every day they were sending emails about all the promotions.

You don’t get to control, sometimes your sales will go up, sometimes it goes down. It’s not under your control so I personally don’t like something that is not under my control. That is why I propose to use your personal web store. 

Your next option will be your own e-commerce store. Your e-commerce store is something like for example Let me show you an example – When you go to you can see all the products and all these products are adidas products.

Benefits of Having Your Own Branded Web Store

Due to this being a personal branded web store, it is much higher class or premium-looking compared to Shopee and Lazada. Personal branded store is like a boutique branded store compared to Tesco and Giant all these supermarkets. Lazada and Shopee are more like supermarket types but if you want to build brand for long term sake then personal branded store is a must for you.

Your branded web store can also have “similar products” section and good thing about this is that but all these recommendations are all your own products so no matter the customer buy this one or that one is still the sales for you. That is why we love the personal branded Web store.

When customer comes in to our web store, it’s easy for us to build relationship and build trust with them and when they buy, we collect all their information including their emails especially and we can send them newsletter to get them keep coming back to our brand store.

This will help you over long term but in the beginning you may not have traffic then you need to strategize how to use social media ads to bring your customers to your branded store. For the long term, it’s actually cheaper that way.

Conclusion: Best Sites to Sell Products Online in Malaysia Is?

There are two ways you can start but the choice is totally up to you. Now you understand the good thing about Malaysia e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada. To open a store there it’s totally free of charge but if I were you, I will have my own personal branded store and I can focus on driving traffic and I will also list my product in Shopee and Lazada.

It doesn’t incur a lot of costs because my product photos, copywriting and everything is already ready for my own brand store. I just copied over to my e-commerce platform. This is like you open different shops in different areas so that people who go to e-commerce they may find it. You also promote your own branded stores so you’re everywhere. 

I’m all for my own branded store but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have your product selling on the e-commerce platform too. You must know your strategies and how you want to grow your business so before you really start you must have a solid business strategy and how to start your e-commerce business with a long-term vision. If you need some help, do contact us at, my website. If you’re really serious in building your e-commerce business and don’t know how to move forward just contact us and we will help you to create your branded e-commerce business.


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