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Every one wants to be their own boss

I have met a lot of people who wants to be their own boss but most of them are not willing to make sacrifice to become a successful entrepreneur.

One of the most common challenge that a new entrepreneur faced is actually his internal problem of managing his time or priority. Even to the extend that they can’t even spare 1 hour per day just to build the business of their dream. So, my advice to the future entrepreneur is to find your time and make a commitment to spend a certain hour per day to work on the business.

Here’s some tips of how you can have the time to pursue your dreams:

1) Free Up Your Time.

time management quotesMost of you get used to the 9-5 and filling out the rest of their day, often with empty time like watching TV and scrolling the Facebook or other social media. When starting your own business, time is your greatest resources, so you need to have some time to continually invest in yourself.

No matter how busy we are, most of us can free up half an hour a day. We may have to make sacrifices, but they’re not big sacrifices – a TV show, or the freedom of driving your own car. A half-hour doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up – even if we just count weekdays, it’s 52 weeks x 5 days x 0.5 hour = 130 hours. Imagine if you continue to use these hours and focus on developing your business and how much you can achieve.

2) Car Pool or Use Uber

If you are taking 30 minutes per day to drive to work, why don’t you car pool or use Uber so that you have time to work on your business or for personal development, which is part of being an entrepreneur. If both ways then it’s already an hour a day and that’s a lot of time. Furthermore now you can work through your mobile or

3) Be Persistent and Patient

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If you want to build a successful business with limited time it’s going to take some time to get it off the ground. So my friend, don’t get the crazy idea that you will suddenly become a millionaire the following week.

Your business likely won’t explode overnight and you are going to have to make sacrifices along the way. But by being strategic, careful, and persistent in working on it daily – you’re on your way to living life on your terms. Whatever those terms may be.

In summary, you’ll need a little bit of discipline to make any of these tips work, or the time you save will just get filled with something else. Just keep telling yourself that what you’re giving up isn’t nearly as important as what you’re gaining – the time to move yourself closer to your dreams!

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