How Do I Start A Training Business in Malaysia?



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Do you want to learn how to turn your experience, skills and knowledge into cash? Now, if you’re interested in doing that, watch this video to the end.

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#1 Know Your Expertise

I’m going to show you how to start a training business in Malaysia and make money from that. So first thing to start a training business, you need to understand your expertise and experience area. Right? So what kind of expertise you have, experience or skills and knowledge because these are the things that you can turn into training which will help you to make money. 

Now, of course, with all this experience and expertise or skills and knowledge, You must have customers or people willing to pay for it. For example, I can teach you how to become a consultant right? Because I’ve done this for the last 20+ years and if I teach you, you don’t have a shortcut to make you create a consulting business in a short period of time and start making money from that. 

So that way I can charge people or my prospect the fees that they’re willing to pay for right, instead of they go and do trial and error, maybe it takes them life A year, two years, 3 years, right? And then maybe at the end they wouldn’t start the business because they ran out of capital. 

So this is my expertise area and I know there are people who are willing to pay for that. So I can turn that into a training as well as a coaching program where I can help others to become consultants like me who have started successful consulting businesses. Once you know what is the expertise of people willing to pay for it.

#2 Develop Your Training

The second thing when you start a training business is to develop your training program right now. In today’s training, it has become a virtual online training, right? Let me explain what training means. Is alive. I teach a group of people in front of my computers and they are live listening to my training so that they can actually ask questions and I can answer them real time. 

Start A Training Business

Yeah, this is a virtual online training. The second type is a recorded online training, right? Means a record of the whole cost into videos and then I upload into a so-called learning management system where my client can actually lock in and watch the training any time that they want. Right? 

It’s different from the virtual virtual means that you attend just like offline live training is going to attend one time, but they kept the opportunity to ask me questions where else a recorded one means that they can just watch the video over and over again. 

Now, these are the two types of training that I have started to do since last year because of the pandemic issues. Right before that, most of my training, conducting life means face to face offline training.

So of course you also need to prepare offline training if your target customers are big corporations, sometimes they want the offline training because offline training is usually more effective because they see you in real life in front and then they can communicate with you better. 

For example, in my training I do a lot of workshops, which means that there are hands on workshops that they can do and sometimes in the office or in the manufacturing production, I bring them to the production so that I can show them which are the areas that can be improved.

So these are the things that I do. So in the offline world it is easier and more beneficial because I can walk them through the real workplace. In the online world is a little bit more difficult, but doesn’t mean it cannot be done.


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#3 Pilot Test

I’ve done it with my China clients using a phone. Okay. Online zoom to walk them through on the operation, there are better ways. Right? But these are the new norms of the training. So you want to do training, So you have to prepare all this, develop your training program. Now, the train program is developed. The third thing when you start a training business is to try to pilot test it, right? 

Pilot test to a small group of people, invite friends or a small group of people. You can do it for the low cost, right? All free. Right? No charges then you bring in these people to attend your training and get feedback from that so that you can have a good training package that people want to pay for it. 

#4 Start Marketing

Now, once this is ready, The fourth step to start a training business is to start marketing now, very easy one to start marketing, especially if you are alone, right, doing the training, my vices that start your personal brand website, right, build a website to portray you as an expert and this website will help you to build your branding as well as authority in your niche area and focus in people can go to your website and look at your training, how you conduct your training. 

Maybe they will see your video, a sample of the training so that they get to know more of you and through this website you can build trust. Right now, this is the best, lowest cost investment for marketing. So, all trainers or consultants, you should have your own personal brand website. 

If you’re interested in building a personal brand website, you can always contact us for a special package. So I do give special packages to my followers on my YouTube channel. So just head on to the description below, just click the link and contact us.

#5 Promote With Social Media

The fifth step is using social media like Facebook to promote your website or your training business. So, the first thing is that you get to know where your target audience or target customers are. And use that social media to promote to them to get them to note you and as well as sign up for your training causes. So you want to become a trainer or start your own training business. These are the five things that you just want to follow when you start a training business. 

Two quick starts. So if you’re interested in becoming a trainer or consultant or coach, I have a cheat sheet that you can download to help you start a training business or coaching business right away.

So just head on to Consultant Startup Checklist – Andrew Cheah and download it. I hope this will help you get an idea how to start a training business. If you like this, please give us a like and share it with your friends who may benefit from it.