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How to work from home in Malaysia and starting your own business is one of the hot question people is asking today. Is it something possible?

The answer to work from home and start your business is definitely YES! I have started my own consulting business from home in 2000 and expand it to over 30 countries. With the technology that we have today, it is even easier to do it today.

In this video, I share 3 different business ideas where you can work from home in Malaysia or whenever you are. And the beauty is all these businesses you can start with no money or very low capital.

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#1 Essential Service Business

The first business is essential service business. In my past video, I talked about how you can start an essential business. In that video, I give an example on how to create a food service with almost no money at all and you can start it almost immediately within a few days. 

You can create an essential service business and this is very simple. You can find services in your surroundings that the people or your locals would need and then you serve them. Want to know more, watch this video.

#2 Freelancer Business

Second business idea that you can apply is to have your own freelance work especially focus on services. If you don’t know how to create your own social media agency, start from a freelance job. Now I’m going to show you three sites that you can start earning money from there. I will take you to the web site and show you how it works.

Now we are in the Fiverr. It is one of the famous sites and usually wehnI want to find someone doing a freelance job for me, I’ll come here to find a freelance job. On the other way round is that if you have certain skills like maybe designing a logo or other skills, you can come here and provide your service. Let me show you that these are all the services available here. These are the categories like digital marketing, graphic design, writing & translation. For example, let’s click on writing translations now there are so many so many areas.

How to Work From Home in Malaysia

Let’s take for example translation. If you know how to translate, let’s see what kind of services are available. you can see I can translate from English to German, Vietnamese to English, English to Vietnamese. There are many different types of translation service so if you know multiple languages, you can actually provide your service here.

You can click on here to become a seller then you can register as a seller. Seller means a service provider. These are all the service providers. There are people like voiceover artists, musicians, If you know how to play music and you know how to create music. There are even designers, developers, writers, video editors.

Here it tells you how it works. Step 1 create a gig; Step 2, deliver a great work and then Step 3, get paid. Gig means a freelance job. So this is one of the site that you can register. Find the gig according to the skills that you have and find it there and then register and provide your service.

The second side is called Freelancer. It is very simple to use. Just come to this first page and click on “I want to work” button then basically follow the steps to register and join the freelancer. Now let me take a step back. If you don’t know how it works just click on “how it works” in the menu. Basically this site is almost the same as Fiverr. If you want to work, click on “I want to work” then it will show you what kind of work is available. All the steps are explained clearly here.

The third site is called Upwork. This is one of the largest freelancer sites called You can see these are all the job categories that are available. There are a lot of categories here. Find the one that suits you or suits your skills. For example, there are customer service, data entries, virtual assistants as well helping people to handle the phone calls. If you are good in sales marketing, there is a section for it. So click on “how it works”, it shows you all the steps. It’s very straightforward. Just follow the steps and register for it.

These are the three largest freelancers sites that you can start work on. My advice is that go and register first and then list out all the things that you can do then you will see people will start contacting you. Remember this. When you’re in the beginning of your freelance business when you have no clients, start your fees at a low end. Sometimes you can even do it for free to get testimonials. Once you have testimonials flowing in then you can see more jobs coming in. So these are the 3 websites that you can use to create your freelance job.

#3 E-commerce Business

Third business is an e-commerce business which is my favorite because ecommerce business does not rely on your time and you can scale it. You can start from local and then scale it globally. Ecommerce business one I like is selling physical products and there’s so much potential right now especially to sell to the locals.

It’s very simple. Find a product. A good quality product that you can serve a certain small or niche market and serve them very well. During this time focus on the products that are essentials that people are willing to buy. Not the luxury products. Start small. Just use Google to find the distributors. If you do not know how to find distributors, there are also a lot of websites that you can source from.

Start with one or two products. You don’t have to have hundreds of products. For example, one of my students said that they want to start a shop like Lazada. Do you know how many millions of products and it cost them millions of dollars to hold the stock?

You can use their different marketing strategies like affiliate marketing, dropshipping and so on then you can start your business without having huge capitals. Once you start, take the money that you earn and reinvest and build a brand. Your e-commerce business will grow crazy especially when you focus on building your own brand.

These are the 3 business ideas that you can start working from home right in Malaysia so
first one start an essential service like a food service business and remember to watch the video I showed you earlier. Even if you don’t know how to cook, you can still do that. Second is to get a freelance job. This will give you some capital in order to do some other business. The third one is an ecommerce business.

All these three business are very practical that you can start almost immediately and it doesn’t
require a lot of capitals. Start taking action today and start your own business now.

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I hope I give you a better picture of what you’re gonna do for your e-commerce startup. Just like what I mentioned early on, we’re going to give you a special bonus. Just go to and download the e-commerce cheatsheet that I prepared for you called How to Start Your Ecommerce Business Cheatsheet.

This cheatsheet will save you a lot of time to skip all the expensive trial and errors and effort wasted to go and test because we have tested it for our e-commerce business. All you need to do is just follow the steps and then take those steps. With that, you can start your e-commerce business right away.

During these times e-commerce actually grows like crazy so you want to capitalize on the trend right now and start your e-commerce business.

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