Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money in Malaysia



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Discover some practical business ideas you can start with no money in Malaysia.

Here are 5 steps on how you can create these business you can start almost immediately with no money at all.

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Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money in Malaysia Step 1 – Create Your Own Services 

Now in MCO or social distancing time the most important is focus on essential service or essential products so one way that you can create your business right now is to create your own service business because service has no cost to it.

How do you create that service business? It’s very simple. You can create your own food service business. You can sell food to the people who live around you. Do not worry because you don’t have to know how to cook. 

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Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money in Malaysia Step 2 – Find your products

If you are selling food, for example, you can get an auntie or relatives or your mom, your sisters who lives nearby you who knows how to cook. Maybe one of them knows how to cook mee goreng, another one knows how to cook curry chicken.

Another one know how to cook hamburgers and fries. So talk to these few people and then get them to prepare and try their food to make sure it is nice. After that you can work with them and kickstart your business.

Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money in Malaysia Step 3 – Prepare for Your Launch

Before you launch, you need to get them to prepare the food, put in a nice packaging and take nice photos. You can use your phone to take your photos and use photo editing software to make it nice.   There’s a software that I use and it’s free to use. It’s called Canva

Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money in Malaysia Step 4 – Start Promoting

Go to again and find a template. There are many marketing templates inside Canva that you can use. Use a poster template and put your nice food photos in it and create a nice promotion poster. Remember to put in your whatsapp number, your contact number, your email or your Facebook ID.

Besides that, you can also create your own Facebook page. Creating a Facebook page is actually of no cost at all. Create a Facebook page and you can also create your Facebook shops. Once you set up your Facebook shop then you can share your products’ information to your potential customers. You can also Whatsapp your friends and relatives.

For example, you’re going to serve the people or community living around 4 kilometers within your home. What you can do is take this marketing poster and then promote it to them. 

How do you want to promote your business? 

Let’s say if you have only 10 friends around here so start promoting to these 10 friends. Give them an incentive to help you to promote. One way is to ask your friends or your relatives to help you put your poster and share it in their Facebook profile so that their friends and families can see it, then you give them some special incentive. 

For example, 50% discounts on their first orders when they share your poster. Get them to help you promote so this will spread from 10 people to another 10 people and another 10 people and so on. By doing this, your business will grow so this is one way that you can promote your business.

Another way is that if you have some cash or once you earn some money, my suggestion is to build your own packaging box. You use the standard packaging plastic boxes and what you can do is to print a sticker and stick on to the box with your brand on it so when people buy they know it is from you. And then with your contact numbers so when people look at the container or box that usually they don’t throw it away. When they see your brand and they remember you and then they’ll return and buy from you.

Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money in Malaysia

Step 5 – Provide Excellent Customer Service

Get their orders and make sure you serve them well because if you serve them badly people will spread news and it’s all about word of mouth. Today with Facebook and other social media, the bad news will spread faster. 

oh one more thing before I forget now this business doesn’t mean that you have only conserved your customers with just read emails or food

Just think creatively this strategy also applies to other products. You can use the same strategy to sell cookies, bread and all types of food stuff. You just need to be creative to think of the things that people use daily.

I’ve seen in China there are people setting up a small office inside a wet market itself to help their customers to buy vegetables. All they have to do is to get orders online and then they just need to run out of their office and buy the vegetables and then pack nicely in their own packaging. 

Just use the same concept and use your own creativity and you can do this business almost immediately. These are the five steps you can take and start your business without any money at all.

How long do you need to kickstart this business?

I believe if you work hard on it, in less than a week you can start your business like this with no money.

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